Intermezzo : UPDATE, TPP Crystal

WE DID IT GUYS, for about 13days 02 hours and 02 minutes, we finally beat Red.

Surprisingly, Red is using THE team we’ve trained in Pokemon Red :O :O

His team :


which is consisted of Zapdos the so called “Battery Jesus”, Venemoth “ATV”, Omastar “Lord Helix”, Lapras “Air (Jordan)”, Nidoking “King(?), and Pidgeot “Bird Jesus”

While our team is consisted of :


Steelix “Snake”, Dragonite “Katie”, Espeon “Burrito”, Fraligator “Lazorgator”, and Pidgeot “Brian”

here’s the battle : WOAAAAH

(dat ‘Cut’ at critical times like that xD oh and I love the ending song, it sounds really happy)

Btw, how did we ended up only using 5 pokemon on our party is beyond me. (Ace is PC-ed)

starting a new journey, Pokemon Emerald in 5days. I’m so excited! 😀



Intermezzo : TwitchPlaysPokemon!

Hi guys! It’s been quite a long time 😀

I’m currently into TwitchPlaysPokemon. What is that? Well it is basically a normal game of Pokemon, but the difference is that there’re about 100,000 people playing it together. Can you imagine how chaotic can it be? Doing simple tasks like cutting a tree, or walking through ledges takes a really long time…..

But what interest me is not the game itself, but the community. It’s so fun; having people to try making sense of all the absurd things happening while playing and also like how they named the Pokemon and gave them some background story.

Currently we’re playing the Crystal Version (and it’s almost the end I think). Before that, we’ve played the Red Version (but I haven’t really follow it back then) and several things happened.

You can read the complete guide of RED VERSION here. It really explained everything, that is if you really want to know.

Playing for about 400hours, (16days 7hours 45minutes 30seconds) there’s  A LOT of amazing yet frustrating moments, you can see JWittz talking about his Top10 TPP moments here! (It’s more or less the highlights of TPP Red)

My personal favorite moment is when our level 30+ ATV (All Terrain Venemoth xD) beats the lv 60+ Dragonite. Since then, ATV (real name : AATTVVV) is also known as THE DRAGON SLAYER.


If, you want to see a journal of our Red Version journey you can look here, for Crystal Version here.

The one I followed, is the Crystal Version. I really like Burrito (The Eevee we caught) which is named Burrito because (legends said…) that they’ve been looking through the Eeveelutions the same way as people looking at a burrito toppings menu. So yeah. x) And I also like Brian the Pidgey. Oh! Btw, Burrito has evolved into an Espeon (therefore the name changed into Breakfast Burrito, #IFyouknowwhatwemean)

Breakfast Burrito<3

Breakfast Burrito<3

I really can’t tell a clear story of TPP so just go and stalk REDDIT or tumblr, such as this for more info. 😀 For more amazing fanarts, click here (the same person as the one who draws the cute Burrito above)

btw, extra cookies for you guys who knows the background story of Ace (our Rattata) or knows about Prince Omelette. (::)(::)

See you again!


Intermezzo : A New Light, Pokemon XY

HI! I’ve just seen a playthrough of Pokemon X and I think it is a cool game. I doubted it at first, but seeing it now, I think it might be the beginning of the new era of Pokemon. As you may remember, Pokemon BW and Pokemon BW2 recieved a lot of negative reviews, and GameFreak started to change things up in the Pokemon XY. I think it is a good effort. Sure, it has it’s own negative response, but fans are never satisfied. When GameFreak didn’t changed a thing, they’ll say “What’s the point of this game? It’s a repetition of the old ones, just like the Paranormal Activities movies.” but when GameFreak started to make a change,  “OHGOD. I MISS THE OLD GAMES. THE GAMES THESE DAYS ARE SO BLABLABLA”. So yeah, in my opinion this is a smart move by GameFreak (adding the fairy type, megaevolution, and such)

credits to the one who made it! amazing fanart 😀

The main characters are so cute and cool! I love the design. The environment is also beautiful, they take a reference of Europe, specificly France. The new game has 3D looks, and it looks cooler. (at least in my opinion) I love the soundtracks too. and there are lots of thing I wanna babble about but I haven’t tried the game so I can’t say anything personal. (doubt I will, unless 3DS magically appears on my hand. …..or maybe a 3DS emulator.)

XY starters. (left to right) Chespin, Fennekin, Froakie

I have a feeling the new gen era is good era for gaming. (I have high expectation on Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XV)  I hope so.

P.S. : Oh! By the way, I’m team Fennekin. #TEAMFENNEKINALLTHEWAY!


not mine either.

I know, I know this is a Delphox. but Delphox’s cool guys. Don’t hate on her (or him..?)