Music : Ballad Towards Hope


Bravely Default have tons of good songs and this is one of them. This song is, I believe, from the ending credit of Bravely Default, which is a JRPG made by Square Enix.

N.B. : Must fight the urge to buy a 3DS D; and by the way, I’m kinda sad to know that Revo(Sound Horizon) is not going to make the songs for Bravely Second (Bravely Default sequel)



Music : Snowbelle City

Since it’s going to be christmas soon, here’s a song with some christmas vibe. It’s a song from the game Pokemon X&Y (as you can see in the video).

I love the OSTs of PXY ❤ You should check it out.


Music : Top 15 Kingdom Hearts Songs {APR Version}

Untitled-2 copy

Hi! Remember FKC’s post about Top15KHsongs? If you don’t, click here. Now, I’m back with my own list of Top 15 Kingdom Hearts songs! It differs with FKC’s because… well we all have different taste in music, right?

Without further ado, let’s us begin with the list!

(not in a particular order)

  • Passion {All KH}
  • Dearly Beloved {All KH}
  • The Other Promise {KH 358/2 Days}
  • Friends in My Heart {KH 358/2 Days}
  • Kairi {KH II}
  • Sora {KH II}
  • Roxas {KH II}
  • Namine {KH II}
  • Waltz of the Damned {KH II}
  • Fate of the Unknown {KH II Final Mix}
  • Another Side, Another Story {KH Birth By Sleep}
  • Hikari Orchestral {KH Birth By Sleep}
  • Ventus {KH Birth By Sleep}
  • Birth by Sleep Theme {KH Birth By Sleep}
  • Memories In Pieces {KH Chain of Memories}

some other notable songs :

  • Vectors to the Heaven {KH 358/2 Days}
  • A Battle of Great Valor {KH Birth By Sleep}

I tried not to be biased to KH BBS songs. LOL. This is my Top 15, but I didn’t really listens to ALL of the songs, so.. this is my current list.



Music: Final Fantasy VIII’s Premonition

well, I haven’t really played, nor watch any walkthrough of FF 8, and I haven’t heard every music of it. but there’s one song that interests me….. Premonition, just like the title above said…. not real premonition, it song’s name is called ‘Premonition’, got it? no miss communication right? right? :D. well, I don’t really have a good reason to describe this song…. it’s just fits to the event and have somekind of attraction, it’s quite unique actually. sooo…. the conclusion is: I am really wasting your time by writing this vent ( I don’t really know if it’s the right vocabulary…. google translate yo B) ).

btw here’s the song 😀



Music : For River

Hi guys! Since I still have the To The Moon-vibe after watching the playthrough, I’m going to specifically tell you about it’s music. There’s a lot of beautiful OST in the game To the Moon. But this one piece is my favorite. It’s called For River.This song is amazingly calming and relaxing. We will first hear this song played by the children who lived in John’s house, named Sarah and Tommy. (read my review to know more about To The Moon here) In this version, it’s a duet and it’s so good.

Sarah and Tommy’s Version

Then the next time we hear it, it would be John’s version which is a solo and seems to have a deeper and intense feelings (I don’t know, I just feel it is). Maybe because this song is supposed to be composed by himself for his wife.

Johnny’s Version

Both version are nice in their own ways, and I’m really looking forward for you guys, who can play musical instrument to cover it! If you have, link it in the comment below, and I’ll post the link on this post later so that people can see it! 😀

here you can find the music sheet for it! credits to the guys who transcripted For River!

Well guys, see you!


Music : Kumi Tanioka

Here’s another composer that I like: Kumi Tanioka. she’s the one who created musics for almost all of the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Series. I like her songs very much especially the FFCC series, it’s unique how she combine ancient music with modern style to be an enjoyable music for us to hear. It also fits the game which is have some medieval parts, so yeah, all this song is unique yet enjoyable.

here’s some sample



for more information, check out Wikipedia & Final Fantasy Wiki


Music : Yoko Shimomura

Yoko Shimomura… ever heard about this lady? If you play Kingdom Hearts Series, I bet you’ll admit that these games got tons of brilliant battle themes. and if you’re a big fan of this game, you’ll know her, if you don’t, just go to these damn web pages (1 2 3) and read them till you remember EVERY WORD AND SENTENCES IN IT!!! in my opinion, Yoko Shimomura is one of the most genius game music composer I’ve ever known. damn I love her artworks, it’s so brilliant! it’s not like an usual game-music which is just mainly just the compilation of ‘sound effects’ while her artwork is what I call a MUSIC. really, you’ll know it when you hear some of her brilliant songs. btw, she’s the one who composed the music for Xenoblade. you know the last post about satorl marsh, it has great charming music isn’t it? it’s one of her artwork y’know. all her masterpiece fits to the game and the emotion, damn she’s good. Her music makes the game alive and fun, you can even listen to the music and enjoy it, not like others. that’s why I love her as a composer.she even is currently composing musics for final fantasy versus XIII!!!

these are some of her music to proof to you all 😀




n.b : Actually Satorl Marsh theme is created by Manami Kiyota, but some of Xenoblade Chronicles IS made by Yoko and they are so good!; such as : Hometown. I agree that she’s such an amazing composer. I should stop making notes on other’s post :|Confession bear time : I actually thought Yoko was a boy before FKC told me, LOL! Okay then, bye everyone, not going to take FKC’s spotlight! {APR}