Intermezzo : UPDATE, TPP Crystal

WE DID IT GUYS, for about 13days 02 hours and 02 minutes, we finally beat Red.

Surprisingly, Red is using THE team we’ve trained in Pokemon Red :O :O

His team :


which is consisted of Zapdos the so called “Battery Jesus”, Venemoth “ATV”, Omastar “Lord Helix”, Lapras “Air (Jordan)”, Nidoking “King(?), and Pidgeot “Bird Jesus”

While our team is consisted of :


Steelix “Snake”, Dragonite “Katie”, Espeon “Burrito”, Fraligator “Lazorgator”, and Pidgeot “Brian”

here’s the battle : WOAAAAH

(dat ‘Cut’ at critical times like that xD oh and I love the ending song, it sounds really happy)

Btw, how did we ended up only using 5 pokemon on our party is beyond me. (Ace is PC-ed)

starting a new journey, Pokemon Emerald in 5days. I’m so excited! 😀