Wish List : Beyond – Two Souls

Hi guys! I’m stuck with some author block for a few days actually, (The post I posted a few days ago is actually a draft for quite a while already) when FKC is being so productive (2 posts in a day! woah) But today I’m going to post about the game called Beyond:Two Souls.

If you played the game Heavy Rain, you might have known this game because they are both created by the same creator, Quantic Dreams. While I’m still hoping for a PS3… I am looking for some games that I would play when I owned it, and I found Heavy Rain.

Heavy Rain is a Playstation3 exclusive which is about finding a mystery killer, named the “Origami Killer”. It is an interactive drama-action game which means our decisions affect the storyline. Here, there’re 4 playable characters that you can switch on. The interesting thing is that when your character dies, it’s not a game over. It simply become a part of the storyline. Cool right?

Then back to Beyond:Two Souls. I know, this game isn’t out yet, It will be available worldwide on 08.10.13. It’s about a girl who has a supernatural entitity (named Aiden) linked with her, hence making her has some supernatural powers, yet she wants to discover the truth behind all of it.

Here’s the trailer :


and here’s the gameplay :


Look at the graphics :O I don’t even……know what to say. (Forgive me, I’m kinda new with this kind of graphics) I know, I know. The game Crysis4 has a better graphics, (SO AMAZING, the demo tech. is TOO COOL) but I think this is already good enough :O

I can’t wait for this game to be released! (and till I can afford a PS3 with my own money :’))




Wish List: SaGa 3 DS

HI guys, still about RPG, because I am simply a RPG fan B). If you had a Gameboy…. you know, the oldest one which still has black and white color, you’ll know Final Fantasy Legend 3. man I love the final battle theme. Final Fantasy Legend I,II,and III was remade to PS2,DS, and finally, DS. and what I’m talking about right now is the Final Fantasy Legend III which is changed into SaGa 3.yes, I think It’s quite a good game, from the music, and battle system although I haven’t played it a bit…. do you know why??? JAPAN!!!! It’s in Japanese oh my god, I can’t read kanji , how would I enjoy the game if I can’t even understand the storyline and just pressing buttons without knowing what even is that for???? I just know the gameplay system and music by just seeing the Final Boss Battle video on youtube…….. LOOK HOW I EVEN SPOILING MYSELF… but it’s my hobby :D. so, love letter โค to square enix, the greatest RPG game company, I with some people in the world, is waiting for the US version of SaGa 2 and 3…. yes SaGa 2 is in japanese too D: . please notify this post from your beloved fans in other side of the world. thx

btw this is the Final fantasy Legend III (GB) final battle :


and this is the remake DS one *warning!! SPOILER!!!! I have remind you so it’s your choice to watch it or not*

part 1


part 2


ย {FKC}

n.b. : it’s APR here, as the editor. and i’m quite sad that i couldn’t find the way of uploading videos like we usually do on blogspot without paying any money. is there any way to do that? thanks a lot!

Wish List : Bioshock Infinite

Hi! As you guys may have noticed, i’m more of an RPG-person. But today, as you guys see on the title, I will share about Bioshock Infinite, which is a First Person Shooter game.

Bioshock Infinite is available for PC, XBOX360, and PS3. Yay for not being an exclusive! (I’m a little bit tired of exclusives already)

I actually dislike FPS, Iย feel dizzy just by looking at it. No offence FPS lovers, just my preference. But somehow, while looking at Bioshock Infinite’s gameplay, trailer and reviews, I felt a bit interested in playing it. I don’t know.

Maybe something about it’s city, the Columbia, which look super nice. or maybe the characters with their unique abilities, such as Elizabeth.

Or maybe, because this FPS has some “RPG elements” on it. Oh! and I also like how the characters interact, not the usual “Press x to talk” thingy, if I’m not mistaken, because I see some of it’s walkthrough and it kinda look that way.

Despite of my interest, I might not play this, because I suck at FPS. I meant it. I screamed a lot while encountering enemies, and I don’t think it’s a good idea if I play it. I once played multiplayer FPS with my brother and I can’t stop screaming whenever I saw something on the radar. I guess I’m just not destined to play FPS. ๐Ÿ˜›

I’ll just keep bugging my brother to play it and watch him play. Or maybe not.

But I really want to try this game, maybe, just maybe, I might like FPS because of this game. Even if i suck at FPS.

For you guys, especially FPS lovers, just check Bioshock Infinite out! I promise you’ll like it ๐Ÿ˜€ If you don’t, well……here. *gives you virtual cookie as an apology* (::)


Wish List : Artnia

Wow, it’s June already and we haven’t finish all the features in this blog, sorry for that!

By the way, I have another wish on my list. It’s is going to Japan. As you guys know (or don’t know), Japan is popular for a lot of things, one of them is their themed cafes which is like, almost everywhere in Japan.

Artnia is one of them, and guess what? Artnia is a Final Fantasy themed cafe! How cool is that! And, the cafe is official from Square Enix themselves. That means there’ll be a lot of official merchandise.

A themed cafe is not one without it’s cute foods, and here’s some examples of the food available on Artnia.

(pictures are not mine, credits to their respective owners!)

A Cloud Parfait!

and Cloud wouldn’t be complete without… Aerith (the strawberry-ribbony parfait) ! next to it is a Blue Materia ย drink.

Look at their uber cuteness. If I went there, I wouldn’t be able to eat them before taking a lot of photos, i guess. Do you notice the Buster Sword chocolate miniature on the top of Cloud parfait? IT’S TOO CUTE! *fangirling* and if you took a closer look on the first picture, you’ll see that red tissue have a “Seventh Heaven” logo on it!

But as you can see, a lot of them are especially FFVII related, which is Square Enix most popular FF game. But doesn’t matter, it’s still is Final Fantasy!

There’re still some other FF themed foods and drinks, such as Chocobo/Cactuar Pancakes, Lattes, Summon-based-drinks, and… yeah you’ve got the idea, right?

If you want to know more things about Artnia, such as how to get there or the list of foods/drinks available, just visit its official website HEREย !

Sadly, some people said that the foods are quite pricey. Like 900Yen for a Parfait or something.

While FKC is being productive by reviewing lots and lots of game, me here just sitting in front of my laptop dreaming about a vacation to Japan. sigh.

Okay then, goodbye guys! see you ๐Ÿ˜€


Wish List : Persona 4 Golden

Hey again guys! In the middle of this hectic final exam weeks, i decided to update you guys with something. As the title has stated, it’s Persona 4 Golden. Persona 4 Golden is a remake of a PS2 game called the ‘Persona 4’. If you guys have looked at the “currently played games” tab, you’ll see that i am currently playing Persona 3 Portable, which is the predecessor of Persona 4. (well duh, it’s obvious just by looking at it’s name) and i love it very much, except for the fact that the boy version of my copy of the game has an error on it so that i can’t continue playing it. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I’ll tell you about this more in details when i review about Persona 3 Portable. Wait for it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

But back to the main topic, Persona 4 Golden….is sadly exclusive only for PSVita. which i didn’t have.

if only i owned you, PSVita ;_;

And because i haven’t play the game, i can’t say much about it. except for the things i watch from youtube, walkthroughs and reviews, which all give a good response of the game and it makes me wanting it more. :”)

But, i don’t think it would be wise for me to buy a PSVita just for this game, even if it worth the money, because i heard a lot of bad reviews of PSVita, including the fact that PSVita doesn’t really has outstanding games. So i would rather choose PS3….over PSVita. There are a lot of games that i really wanted to play on PS3 such as Journey, Ni No Kuni…and things. So yeah, the chances of me playing this game is nearly zero.

But….the good thing is, i have a PS2 (not sure if it’s still working, but let’s just hope it is) so i could just play the old version of this game, being Persona4, and…. i can be happy. yay me. :D:D

Well see you later!

note: we’ll be reviewing games starting from June or something near that, ๐Ÿ˜€