Tips : Kingdom Hearts II

Hi KH Mania!! I know it’s too late to say this, yes this game is quite old now ,but as for you who play Kingdom Hearts II and want to reach 100% completion, here’s some tips:

  1. The Perfect game consists of especially completing Jiminy’s Journal, if you complete it, you’ll get the secret ending of Kingdom Hearts II
  2. It is not necessary , but you can also level up until level 99 and believe me, it’s not as hard as you think
  3. You can also master other stuffs like summons and forms. if you do, you’ll get a lot of helpful abilities

Leveling up: 

if you want to complete all of those three, you gotta have one in mind: don’t bother focus on leveling up, it’s just wasting your time. Just focus on everything else, you’ll get exp after all.

Jiminy Journal:

This Journal completion is a very hard-work-to-do. especially item synthesis and some missions. as I’ve told you before, don’t even bother leveling up. although there are some mission that needs high level and abilities, you can focus at other unimportant stuffs like:

  1. Item synthesis: always use Sweet Memories keyblade wherever you go which give the additional ‘lucky-lucky’ ability so it’s easier to obtain material even when you’re randomly wandering around. you can use FAQs, it’s really helpful ya’know.
  2. Boss-defeating: this can be skipped for a while unless you already have high stats and abilities, you can also check on youtube.
  3. Ansem Report: just follow the story line and don’t miss the chests
  4. Other junks: just try it, and if you desperate try to find out how in youtube. although some of it needs some ability learned from form mastering like the poster mission in Twilight Town.

Forms and Summons Mastering:

Keep using Sweet Memories to help you with the synthesis work, and check some FAQs, it helps.