Review : WarioWare – Smooth Moves

Hi guys! I spent the last few days playing this game with my family! What game? Well… it’s WarioWare – Smooth Moves. I’ve finished this game, so now I’m going to review it.

Developer(s) Nintendo SPD Group No. 1
Intelligent Systems
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Director(s) Goro Abe
Producer(s) Yoshio Sakamoto
Ryoichi Kitanishi
Artist(s) Ko Takeuchi
Composer(s) Naoko Mitome
Masanobu Matsunaga
Yasuhisa Baba
Series WarioWare
Platform(s) Wii
Release date(s)
  • JP December 2, 2006
  • EU January 12, 2007
  • NA January 15, 2007
  • AUS January 25, 2007
Genre(s) Party
Mode(s) Single-playermultiplayer

(That is taken from Wikipedia of course ;D)

This game is simple, it’s like a compilation of minigames. The gameplay is fast, like 5 seconds per minigames. I don’t really think there’s a storyline in this game because it was too random. Cats, dogs, magician, I don’t know, it was so random.

I finished it quite quick, like only for 2-3 hours or such I don’t really remember. The single-player mode isn’t really good, it’s repetitive but fast. The amazing thing is it’s multiplayer. There are several multiplayer games and a lot of people can play. For example, the rope cutting thingy can be played by 2-12 people. Amazing right? Just imagine playing it with your friends or family; too much fun!

Storyline : Umm….

As I’ve stated above, I don’t really think there’s a story in this game. I think the game maker aren’t focusing in it’s storyline but rather focused on it’s multiplayer and gameplay. But the jokes inside it are funny, LOL.


The game is so fast and simple that when I played it my brother can sometimes said “That’s it?” You can see it by yourself this is from a stage with the character called Penny. Oh! There’re are several levels in this game, each levels with different characters.

Presentation : Well…. so-so 

Cartoony looking and yeah, but they’re cute! Especially the cat and the dogs. :3 The songs are quite catchy too, suitable for such a quick game.

Verdict : 

It’s a good party game, especially the multiplayer mode to play with friends and family.

Screenshots : (NOTMINE)

Nitendogs themed minigame.

See what I meant by random…….?

The player is first told to hold the Wii Remot...

This is what I meant by funny dialogue. LOL.



Review : Scribblenauts Unlimited !

Hi guys! Today I’m going to review a PC (Windows), WiiU, 3DS game called Scribblenauts Unlimited. The genres are Puzzle and Action. We played as Maxwell, and he has a powerful notebook that can make everything he write comes into life. And we can write anything. COOL RIGHTTT!

I actually haven’t finished the game yet, because I only played it for fun! It is really fun.

Review : 

Storyline : No judgement.

Because I haven’t finished the game I can’t comment much on the storyline. But so far, it is a simple one and a little bit cliche. But, yeah thumbs up for the unique gameplay. Not going to spoil any story. I’ve forgotten anyway 😛

Gameplay : GREAAAAAAT.

As I’ve told you, we can create anything. From normal things such as pizza until crazy things such as Yeti and Satyr. And we can make it rideable. LOLL. Give me a highfive for Rideable yeti!


Rideable Yeti ROCKS!

Presentation : Good.

Just look at the pictures, cute right? And there are lots of possibilities of objects you can make here! So yeah, it’s good enough. The song is just a repeated one, not anything special.

 Verdict : It is a good game to spent time with when you’re bored and things, just go ahead and try it yourself!

Screenshots :

my own screenshots guys :”


undead mammoth YEAH





Review: The Simpsons Tapped Out

Before reading this post, you’ll be given a mini-useless questionnaire:

Please Fill This Questionnaire…. except the last question

well, if you choose the first three, then this game’ll fit with you

The Simpsons Tapped out…. a mobile game for iOS and Android. yes, this game’s great. AND FREE! YES! except for the doughnuts… you’ll find out soon


Story: Good

the story is quite unique where Homer blew up springfield because he played a mobile game while at work at the nuclear power plant and it’s his job to rebuild the whole springfield….. the way we like :D. overall this game has a good story for each mission based on the simpsons series

Gameplay: Great

one thing that I like the most from this game… NO TIME LIMIT!!! YEAH I AM the god OF TIME!!! really, this game is relaxing and flexible where each mission doesn’t have time limit. unlike other game that like: 7 hours to get cash bla bla bla… in this game the missions doesn’t bound to time…. you can even delay it for years! and if you make an id, your game’ll be saved automatic-ly internet-ly so if you play in other device just log in and your progress will be reloaded! neat huh? 😀 and this game is frequently updated during special occasions like summer, halloween, christmas, et cetera. and each events has it’s own mission which out of date due to the end of the event.

Graphic: good

overall this game has great 2D graphic with cute funny characters , musics, and effects  which improve your fun level to max relax







Review: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

Heyo Kingdom Hearts fans, this is about a game in KH Series in DS that is……


Read the symbol dude

This game, as other Kingdom Hearts Series games, connects to the whole story. and it’s one of my favorite from all perspective.

Graphic: Good

well, graphic doesn’t really shows up in this game… it’s DS after all :p except for the CG Animation, Awesome!! dude, it’s square enix, they’re good with CGs

Story: Extra Ordinarily Excellently Awesome!!

The story is so great and touching in my opinion it might be the best in the series. the story uncovers the secret behind KH II. it happens during CoM events too. It’s about Roxas, Sora’s Nobody who’s assigned to be organization XIII’s thirteenth member. a nobody is supposed not to have feelings but a close friendship with Xion and Axel, makes Roxas realize the cruel fate and sad stories behind his existence. this game’s story is a compilation of drama and action which blends perfectly.

Gameplay System: Great

You know each and every Kingdom Hearts Handheld games has unique gameplay system. this Kingdom Hearts game looks like Kingdom Hearts I’s battle system, only it has the new panel system which is quite fun.  the other difference about this game is the Item system. while most of KH Series’s item system’s is unlimited which means you can bring and use countless items like potions et cetera, in KH 358/2, you can just bring limited items based in the panel. so the panel is like a center of this game, it controls the levels, abilities, items, and weapons. and you can edit your panel only in the castle that never was… or you can say organization XIII’s headquarter. it’s quite challenging isn’t it? 😀 and o yeah, the backpack system is also limited, so you can only take limited items from each missions. The Whole Gameplay is mission thingy, where you’ll be given missions from Saix, and there’s one mode where you can play as other character like other fellow org XIII, even mickey, donald, goofy, and sora. and you can play multiplayer-ly with your friends.

well, that’s it and check out KH 358/2’s Manga which explains the whole story clearly and completely so you’ll understand and you can burst into tears reading it :’D.

for more informations check out (Official Site KH Wiki Wikipedia)



other screen shots:


Review : To The Moon

Hi guys! I might haven’t played this game yet, but I wanted to review it! How, you ask? Well… I simply watched Pewdiepie’s To the Moon playthrough. B) I don’t know if it’s legit for me to make a review out of it, (I only played the first 30 minutes trial, because well… to play full version you should pay and I don’t really understand how to buy it, sorry guys) but let me just begin with the review!

This game is made by freebirdgames, which means it’s an indie game. It’s an RPG-adventure (but there’s no fighting and dragons, guys) game. It’s available for PC and you can download the 30-minute-free trial here.

It’s about two doctors who work in a company which grant the wishes of dying people, their last wish that’s it. And in this game, they have to grant the wish of the client, named John,  who signed them before he got unconscious and of course, his wish is to go to the moon.

Here, we played the game as the doctors, Rosaline and Watts, and as we played we discover the truth of John’s past.

This game is highly emotional, but I didn’t cry, because well… it’s pewdiepie guys, how can I? But some scenes really give me goosebumps, not in a bad-scary way, it’s kinda like when you hear someone sings nicely, yeah that kind of goosebumps.

Review :

Storyline : EPICCCC!

All this game about is the storyline. The storyline is so amazing that I don’t know how to review without spoiling it to you guys 😛 I can’t even stop watching pewds play because every events keep on making me wonder and wanting answers. Oh! Also the humor guys aaaaaand the random events, it’s amazing!

Gameplay : So-so

Well for you guys who hoped it would be an active action game, well… sorry to say this game is not that interactive in it’s gameplay. We only move the characters around and solve some puzzles and collect mementos, but yeah, the storyline will keep you going.

Presentation : Great

“A game doesn’t need to be good in graphics to be beautiful.” -Pewds. I totally agree! Even when the graphic’s not amazing some scenes are so beautiful. And I really need to tell you this, THE MUSIC guys. You SHOULD hear it. It. is. amazing.

Verdict : Play it guys, just play it. I might play it on my own later, because this game is so good. ❤ But I don’t know about you guys who prefer a more active gameplay… For you guys who love games with a good storyline, you should try it. 😀


That’s it guys! Well I hope you enjoy that, see you guys later!


Review : Harvest Moon – Boy and Girl

hey guys! I’m making my first review now! Well this game might be old, but gold. It is Harvest Moon : Boy and Girl! This game is available on PSP and it resembles (even I think it’s just a console difference) as Harvest Moon : Back to Nature (PS1)

these are the marriage candidates.

It might be identical to the PS1 version, but in this one we can choose whether to play with a boy character or a girl character and that, of course, will affect the marriage candidates.

these are the two playable characters.

I personally played as both character, the boy and the girl and I think being a girl on this game is harder because you should wait for a proposal where as a boy you could just propose right away when you already fulfill all requirements.

While being a boy, (named Andy, and it’s not Toy Story inspired, lol) I choose Karen as a marriage candidate, and I marry her quite quick (about Spring Year 2) after working hard upgrading houses and tools while buying lots and lots of wine (Karen loves wine! ;)) Already got a child yeah!

Being a girl… is a tough one. Like choosing which bachelor to marry isn’t hard enough already. I can’t choose between Cliff and Gray (as I told you on the Favorite Character tab)! They both are cute and sweet on their own way ❤ So, I decided to play this game 2 times!

Both named Eclair (I don’t know why but I just love that name, but then I realised that it’s an anagram of Claire, which is the official name for the girl character) and I pursue Cliff first, his heart is red already, all requirements are fulfilled except one. THE red heart event, which is essential for a proposal event. And on the other slot, Gray is in yellow heart but the bad news is…


Yay me! :_( But I don’t lose my determination to marry them, so I am currently playing this game again!

Review :

Storyline : red heart. (Amazing)

What did you expect from a Harvest Moon game? Of course the main story is simple, keep the farm alive and build a good relationship with others. BUT that is why Harvest Moon amazing. And you can trust Harvest Moon to make everything, every events, looks cute. ESPECIALLY, the heart events, which is counted as the storyline… right?

Gameplay :  yellow heart. (Great)

And again, what did you expect from a Harvest Moon game? Of course it’s all about farming and relationship and mining and fishing and cooking, but it never gets boring. (at least for me) If you’re like me, who loves a game full of routines and things, then again, you’ll love this!

Presentation : yellow heart. (Great)

Some people might not like the angle from which the game is taken, and some people might complain of it’s 3D-y look, but I personally love it. Might be biased, but which review doesn’t? lol. The sprites and the pictures of the characters while talking are great, in my opinion, and I love the songs so much! 🙂

Verdict : LOVEEEEE<3

Screenshots : (not mine, I don’t know how to screenshot:()


Review : The Simpsons Game

Hi Nintendo DS mania!! well, if you watch Fox all the time, you should know a cartoon named ‘The Simpsons’. if you don’t, welcome to the age of stone. The Simpsons has made count-not-less games from the  simple GBA game, till the GTA-style hit and run. the newest game is simply named ‘The Simpsons Game’ which available in too many consoles such as Xbox 360, PS2,PS3, PSP, and the last one is on the DS.

yep, they sure release it in many platforms. one of it, as you see is on the best nintendo console ever, NDS. the difference is, in the DS version, the game is almost-totally in 2D. but it’s still doesn’t reduce the fun. I, myself, has completed this game although not 100% with all the challenges and collections, but i can just review this game after all.

Story Line: Great

It has great story line with the simpsons style and all the parodies (damn I love parodies) based on the episodes of The Simpsons. The story line is also the same with all other consoles.

Gameplay: Great

It has a lot of gameplay with impressive countless abilities for each characters based on the simpsons episodes, so it’s impossible for you to get bored of this game. The level itself isn’t hard, and the game period is shorter than in the other consoles.

Graphics: Good

I think the graphic itself is good, it’s not a problem.

here’s some sample picture of this game:


you can view the trailer here