Progress: Final Fantasy V-Final Battle

Dude, I’m reaching the top!!! YEAH!!! Final Boss Yeah! Finally after all this years (one year actually :p).  I defeated him (or it?) in an overleveled condition. not because I can’t defeat him, but I just want to reach level 99 when I defeat Enuo. oh yeah I haven’t told you, in Final Fantasy V Advance, there is an additional, huge, complex dungeon called the sealed temple which will be unlocked after you defeat the final boss. in this dungeon, you will met some superbosses such as omega mk II and neo shinryu… yeah, two *fate s*. and the end of the dungeon, it’s no other than enuo itself. no more chit chat then, I even recorded my battle :D.

Final Fantasy V (GBA) Final Boss Battle


n.b: woaaaah :O congrats! a review, will you? 😉 {APR}


Progress: Total Idiocy – Final Fantasy V

remember the last progress I made about FF V?? yeah, I’m still stuck on that….. my life sucks isn’t it? :D. btw yeah, although I’m actually at a extraordinarily high level……. and I always died on the same attack: Lv 3 Flare!!!!! wait….lv3???? *looking at stats*….. all level 75….. I’m an Idiot am I? for your information, in FF series, if there’s any blue magic/ability/ enemy move that starts with lvx-blablabl, it means it just affects the foe whose level can be divided by x, an it usually deals high damage. and I just couldn’t realize it for game’s sake D: ….. morale: always use your brain even when you’re playing game. okay that’s it, let’s rebattle with shinryu!!!! fighting!!!!


Progress : Elizabeth – Bioshock Infinite

Hey guys! Guess what? I’m finally able to play Bioshock Infinite on my laptop! YEAAAY MEEEEEEEE 😀

And do you guys know…. I’m a bit overwhelmed with the controls. There are so many of it. ASDW for walking, E for switching between weapons, R for reloading, V for melee, Q for changing vigors, and such. There’re so many things to handle while I’m panicking because of the enemies. I am so not good at FPS. LOL. I ended up using melee combat most of the time.

And another thing is, I asked my brother to help me. So he handled the mouse controls, and I handled the keyboard. It worked guys! The thing is… my brother doesn’t always help me. ;_;

So yesterday I’ve played till I found Elizabeth.

In this game, we played as Booker Dewitt. The intro is quite scary… and I don’t know why this game like to use religion reference and such.

In the intro, we’re brought into a lighthouse. And we entered a machine that brought us to Columbia.


Our quest is to go to the Monument Island where “the girl” is kept. While going there, we’ll see some festivals and things. The cool thing is the skyline, which allows us to travel using some sort of gondola but with only…I don’t know what that thing is called. Just check this link to know more. Ah I see. Sky hooks, that’s the name. I love sky hook. FOR MELEE COMBATS. YEAAAY MELEE COMBATS!

That is a sky hook.

Sky hooks kill people brutally, bloods everywhere!

When we arrived at the Monument Island, we see Elizabeth and our quest is to bring her out of that place.

I’ll end it here, I’ve just started the game and I don’t really have anything to say. Bye guys!


Progress: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Ring of Fates

Hiya guys, I’m nearing the final boss in this game! yow!!! just finishing the crystal temple or you may said the last dungeon, defeating Galdes (main antagonist), defeating several unimportant bosses which have been fought in the storyline but only with single character, then pow! final boss, the last form of Galdes. you might guess…..I must have been spoiling myself about this game…. which isn’t true this time, I finished this game once and it’s the second time I played this game. soooo… where’s the applause guys???? it’s once in a blue moon I didn’t spoil myself 😀 lol. btw, you must’ve been confuse about all of this… I’ll just explain in my next post about the review of this game. believe me it’s a great game :D. It’s night already here, and I’m so damn tired soooo… simply bye :D.

btw check out the crystal temple’s music…. unique… love u Kumi Tanioka



Progress : Atlantica Part II – Kingdom Hearts

Finally! I just finished the world Atlantica… after defeating Ursula. actually, you’ll defeated her 2 times, which is the first time she’s still in her small yet fat form. this battle is quite annoying, because she is invulnerable to be hit and she’ll spin around hurting you like a hippy, unless you attack her ‘cauldron’ with magic few times and then she’ll get stunned so you can attack her freely. this battle isn’t hard, just annoying. moreover her two evil yet weak eels will attack you giving you high level annoyed. after she’s defeated, she’ll ran away cowardly like majority of fat antagonists. you’ll just have to find her, and it’s quite hard. ind a place with sea current and use the mermaid kick ability to swim against the current.

Geez… look at those……worms?

and then some scene about she using the trident power which she stole earlier….. why did she use it in the second boss battle anyway :s. and she became bigger… and looks even fatter and….. psycho.

fat… yet psycho… like me 😀

at first I thought this’ll be hard… like everybody else said, but it turns out to be… quite easy B). though I died once… bcoz I was too concentrate in screenshooting :p.

here’s da picts, don’t miss out my KH progress guys







Progress : Wise Little Furball – Xenoblade Chronicles

Hi guys! I have just continue with Xenoblade Chronicles and I successfully infiltrated the Galahad Fortress with no difficulties YEAAY ME!


It was not that hard, considering the Mechons are all below my level (I was 54-55 while I was there). But it was a little bit chaos while fighting the Defensive Guard Unit and Face Nemesis (Fiora). I randomly smash all talent art because I can’t even see a thing. Mechon’s everywhere. But I managed it. With my usual party of Sharla, Reyn, and Shulk.

The next stop is the Fallen Arm.

I changed my mind about Mechonis here. It is quite beautiful for a place in Mechonis. Especially the stars during the cutscene, :O

And.. here the group splits into 3. Shulk and Fiora; Reyn and Sharla; Melia, Dunban and Riki.

While playing as the party of Melia, we’ll see a very touching cutscene of Riki and Dunban + Melia. You can see it here. Just click HERE. I made the video start at 3:26 because it’s where the cutscene of the Wise Little Cute Furball started. I DON’T KNOW how I can dislike him before this cutscene. UBER CUTENESSSSSSSSSS.


I’m touched how he cared a lot of Melia and the way he speak to “Dundun” is too cute yet wise at the same time. Only Riki can do that.

And the BGM on the cutscene is too cute. If you want to hear it click here. I mean HERE.

Oh! Fiora also joined our party in the Fallen Arm and the romance between Shulk and Fiora started. I’m sad guys. I’m a supporter of Melia and Shulk and I can’t help but noticed how Shulk reached out to hold Melia while falling in Galahad Fortress. :””) They are too cute. And the look on Melia’s face when asking about Fiora is heart breaking </3 Maybe I’m biased because Melia is one of my favorite characters.

After that, the group reunited at…

Yep. The Hidden Machina Village.


And I stopped there. So, wait for another updates! 😀


Progress : Sword Valley, DONE – Xenoblade Chronicles

Hi guys! So I caught up with Xenoblade Chronicles yesterday. AND I finally finished exploring the Sword Valley, which I hate the most because of it’s confusing ways and bland environment. Plus, Mechon is everywhere. When I said everywhere, I meant it. Spoiler ahead guys, just wanna give some warning to you guys who hated it.

Just look at that. I don’t think I might enjoy the environment on Mechonis… But, I don’t know yet. I’ve only seen one of it. We’re at the Sword Valley to go to the Galahad Fortress where we thought Fiora would be. The thing is… we should go through some gates (we unlock it backwards, from 6th to the 3th gate).. and it’s locked. So we should unlock it by control panels, which is guarded by… well, Mechon. Lots of Mechon.

Oh, by the way I went with the standard party : Shulk, Reyn, and Sharla. I don’t know, Attacker, Tank and Healer sounds good enough for me. Even though I wanted to play as Melia so bad.

On my way of unlocking the 4th gate, which the control panel is located on the Dolgan Outpost, I have difficulties while defeating the “boss” or special monster there called the Prudent Purson. I died several times before I can finally win with a chain attack.

And another difficulty that I encounter is Fate Labolas, which in level 51.

At the end of Sword Valley, we encountered Metal Face (which is in level 52) and once again, I was saved by a chain attack.

To see the boss battle (not by me) you can click HERE

If you watched it, I used different tactics. Instead of killing the Mass Produced Face first, I directly attack Metal Face (Mumkhar) with a chain attack.

The chain attack goes like this : Shulk-Stream Edge to make it “Break”, Reyn-Wild Down to make it “Topple”, Sharla-Head Shaker to make it “Daze”, then Shulk-Monado Buster, Reyn-Sword Drive, Sharla-Head Shot (well I test whether I’m lucky enough to got the “may instantly kill a dazed enemy” feature from it, and it is actually the only thing that makes me wanted to “Daze” Mumkhar. But I’m not that lucky.) and I forgot about the last round of the chain attack. And it damaged Mumkhar badly and with a few attacks I finally defeated it.

After a few cutscenes, I finally reached Galahad Fortress which has much more Mechon. Wish me luck.

See you in the next “Progress” of Xenoblade Chronicles!