Fashion : Riku

Hi, you must’ve known Riku, Sora’s best friend who once was consumed by the darknes… in this post I want to tell you about what I think about Riku’s design…. in Kingdom Hearts Series, Riku has 3 hairstyles…. or we can say…. hair length?? and clothes too.

Kingdom Hearts I

The first Riku… appears in Kingdom Hearts, he still looks young. his clothing is good, and his hair…. moderate,not too long but not too short. This is the best hair-length for Riku in my opinion.

Kingdom Hearts II

well, he looks older…. much older like he’s 5 years older than Sora…. kinda unbalance isn’t it? His clothes are cool and stylish, SE has done great with his suit. but his hair…. kinda too long, maybe he didn’t go to any barber shop while Sora asleep…who knows? :D.

Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance

well, his clothes still looks cool and stylish…. and his face is much balance and fits to the storyline, not too old nor too young. I think this Riku is quite perfect… except his hair… too short! wow what an extreme change they made… it’s not original if I may say.

well, sorry if I wasted your time hearing me rambling again. see ya 😀