VENTUS! ♥ {Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep}

my first KH game is KH: BBS so call me biased, but by far Ventus is my favorite Kingdom Hearts character. Roxas is another but my absolute favorite award goes to Ven for sure. He’s too cute for his own good. ❤ enough said.


Cliff {Harvest Moon: Back to Nature/Boy and Girl}

Cliff and Gray make me played this game twice just because i can’t choose which one to marry. Cliff is so…sweet yet he has such a tragic past which i can’t help fall in love with. Come on, let me hug you Cliff ({})


Gray {Harvest Moon: Back to Nature/Boy and Girl}

I love the way he warms up to the prontagonist after they get closer. and how he changed for good after he met the main prontagonist. so cute. :’)

Ellie  {The Last of Us}

Hi guys. You might be asking “When did you even played TLoU? It’s not even you “currently played games!”. Well… I watched Pewds’s playthrough. I love her character, it’s adorable and admireable. How she struggled to stay alive and how she cared of Joel. And her interaction with Joel is simply amazing ❤


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