I can’t choose.

But so far it is the….


Harvest Moon Series!

I love every single Harvest Moon game eventhough I haven’t played all of it. These are the ones I’ve tried :

  • Harvest Moon : Innocent Life
  • Harvest Moon : Boy and Girl
  • Harvest Moon : Animal Parade
  • Harvest Moon : The Tales of the Two Towns
  • Harvest Moon : Hero of Leaf Valley
  • Harvest Moon : DS Cute
  • Harvest Moon : A Wonderful Life

I didn’t really play the last two game, like play, “play”. I only played it for a few seasons (or even days) and done. It’s all due to lack of console and time.

But yeah, Harvest Moon changed my life in several aspects. Especially in a romantic aspect. It gives me more expectation about love. LOOOOOL.

OH! also, I’ve just noticed this. Believe it or not, I love curry…..just because Cliff likes it. I am a hater of spicy food and curry is a spicy one. But I tried curry just because Cliff loves it and eventually like it too! hahaha. See what I meant by “video games can impact your life”?

I’ll think of the other game next time! 😀


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