Intermezzo : Lightside to Darkside

speaking of The Darkside…. an Intellectual creature, we have the same Idea…..


well…. actually I was talking about Kingdom Hearts game, in Hollow Bastion… look what I stumbled at…..

forgot to record my own, so I took it from other’s playthrough :p

it’s a heartless… it’s a shadow to be more specific…… it’s usual right? a low level enemy you always stumbled from then, now, and……future. actually it’s not an ordinary shadow, it’s Sora as a shadow which you control.

ouwh yeah, this ‘phenomenon’ occurs after the death match with Riku. and then there’ll be a dramatic-heroic scene where Sora sacrificed himself to awaken Kairi…. by stabbing himself with the keyblade that unlocks people’s hearts. and then a miracle happened, Sora Disappeared, Kairi Awoken, heartlesses coming, they ran away, and BAM! then you’ll play as a heartless. being a heartless is so damn simple. you can only walk and jump, but no attack. well actually there are no heartless either. come on, who’d attack their own brethren?  all you have to do is walk outside and go to the main hall, you know where, by falling down the edge of the building. no, you won’t die, trust me. after that, just enjoy the romantic scene where sora hugs kairi <3. awwww.


[n.b : sorry for the late post from FKC, it’s my fault. it should be posted on 11/08/2013 08:48 but I haven’t check it for a long time. sorry! {APR}]


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