Romancing SaGa Minstrel song

hi guys, long time no see…new post. well, just trying to act-diligent so…. trying to avoid my computer and games of course. well, this is  not a review guys, there isn’t any “Review” sign in the title so it’s definitely NOT a review. okay, skip with the useless speeches, guess what I got……..

ouuu yeah! finally!

while this weekend, i just can’t stand the urge to play it, so simply child logic… I played it. this game has a quite unique start, where you will choose the main character and you’ll just follow his/her story although they’ll meet eat other. btw, there are 8 characters!!!! wow, quite a challenge i may say. I choose a character named albert because he got the same gender…male (dude, who wants to name a girl ‘albert’ anyway :p) and second, I like male characters with short hair and female characters with long hairs, so…. he’s got the feature. oh btw, the characters’s costume are quite interesting. and… why does albert have butterfly wings??? :/. continue. when I start to play, the graphics are okay, characters are cutely done, but we can’t rotate the camera with our controllers like other game such as KH and FF do, but it’s not a problem. the truth is, i kinda enjoy the ‘auto-adjusting’ camera. the battle is quite unique, it’s a bit complicated but cool. btw it’s turned based. they got a lot of skills and abilities… cool one. and you know what? I reached the first boss and in the middle of the battle my main character died…… stupid butterfly winged prince D: ! he’s quite the weakest in the party and when I need to enhance his stats by winning the boss battle… he died….. dammit. oh yeah, screenshots guys, it’s free 😀

Butterfly wings???

more info: saga wiki  wikipedia


n.b : Hi! Sorry for not posting. I’m currently busy with school D: well.. I don’t really know which section should I put this post… so I guess I’ll just leave it like this. Bye everyone! {APR}


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