Well, I know it’s kinda late for this title, but we haven’t given you, our beloved readers, a proper introduction of us four, right?

Here it goes;)

Hello there!

We are “3CE”,

it stands for our names: Cicil aka Apricilia, Coki aka Francisco, Ceha aka Nadia, and Elmer.

As you have read, we are four people, with one unbreakable bond.

It started when we enter our senior high. Well Apricilia and I (Nadia) have known each other since junior high, but with Cisco and Elmer, we haven’t known each other that much, just basic ‘Hi’s and ‘Bye’s.

Back then we sat randomly but the teacher decided to arrange the seats.

Fate brought us four, sitting next to each other. So from there, we started to have simple chats and jokes and we turned out to be good friends. Well now, we’re best friends actually;)

Never thought that simple chair arrangement could be a bridge to our friendship.

We’re still fighting as  senior high students and about to start a new semester in just two days.

Yes, two days people. I suppose #weneedmoreholidays.

Since school is going to start, perhaps we won’t be able to write as much as we did.

But when we have time, we’ll be posting mostly about games but we’ll post something about our daily activities too, when we eat bacons maybe (?) Hahas.

So, there you go, our intro:-)

We are still beginners in the world of blogging, so we apologize for any mistake(s) or inappropriate word(s) so far.

Thank you for your support, thank you for your time, have a good day and God bless:-)



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