Progress: Final Fantasy V-Final Battle

Dude, I’m reaching the top!!! YEAH!!! Final Boss Yeah! Finally after all this years (one year actually :p).  I defeated him (or it?) in an overleveled condition. not because I can’t defeat him, but I just want to reach level 99 when I defeat Enuo. oh yeah I haven’t told you, in Final Fantasy V Advance, there is an additional, huge, complex dungeon called the sealed temple which will be unlocked after you defeat the final boss. in this dungeon, you will met some superbosses such as omega mk II and neo shinryu… yeah, two *fate s*. and the end of the dungeon, it’s no other than enuo itself. no more chit chat then, I even recorded my battle :D.

Final Fantasy V (GBA) Final Boss Battle


n.b: woaaaah :O congrats! a review, will you? 😉 {APR}


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