Intermezzo : Persona 4 The Animation

Hi Guys. well, this is not a game, but this is an animation based on a game, soooo…. it still fits with this blog’s criteria.  just like the title said: Persona 4 The Animation.


this cartoon is not a spinoff,nor a sequel, but an animation of the real persona 4 game. which means,  that this game tells us the outline of the main story of this game. although some little changes are added in this anime, but still this anime rocks. seriously, I love this anime. it’s cool yet dramatic but not too dramatic like a drama queen anime like most of the unpopular anime existed. for me, this one is mild and cool B). and I recommend  you to watch this anime although this anime still got some adult parts like a naked-gay version of kanji’s shadow, or shadow Rise with a bikini pole dancing (oh yeah, she almost take off her bikini but, it got stopped :D) but there’s some unique and hilarious episode and effects. and yeah, like most anime it also got unimportant boring episode but only one two or three. still, the conclusion is…..this anime ROCKS.

ps: if you want to watch with an underage kid, make sure to watch it first to make sure if this episode is safe or not :p (well, Cicil watched the naked-shadow-kanji episode with her brothers, so…. :P)

one of the most hilarious episode (unfortunately…it’s the Kanji episode):


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