Intermezzo : Persona 4…BEAR-SERK scene

well, for you who had played persona 4, you wouldn’t forget the scene of the characters in a VIP-bar room playing the ‘kings game’…. it’s one unforgettable scene…. or part in this game while some of your characters got drunk…… with a non alcoholic soft drink (?) and playing the ‘kings game’. in here you inevitably join to play, and in one chance, you got the turn as the king. in here you’ll choose what punishment will be given, whether you ask your friend to sit on your lap, hug you, sleep on your lap, or even do piggyback. interesting isn’t it???  quite interesting to try it with your friend :D. in the anime, it’s a lot more BEAR-SERK. where the main character itself… is also drunk and…… just watch it 🙂

game scene:


anime version:




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