Progress: Total Idiocy – Final Fantasy V

remember the last progress I made about FF V?? yeah, I’m still stuck on that….. my life sucks isn’t it? :D. btw yeah, although I’m actually at a extraordinarily high level……. and I always died on the same attack: Lv 3 Flare!!!!! wait….lv3???? *looking at stats*….. all level 75….. I’m an Idiot am I? for your information, in FF series, if there’s any blue magic/ability/ enemy move that starts with lvx-blablabl, it means it just affects the foe whose level can be divided by x, an it usually deals high damage. and I just couldn’t realize it for game’s sake D: ….. morale: always use your brain even when you’re playing game. okay that’s it, let’s rebattle with shinryu!!!! fighting!!!!



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