Romancing SaGa Minstrel song

hi guys, long time no see…new post. well, just trying to act-diligent so…. trying to avoid my computer and games of course. well, this is ¬†not a review guys, there isn’t any “Review” sign in the title so it’s definitely NOT a review. okay, skip with the useless speeches, guess what I got……..

ouuu yeah! finally!

while this weekend, i just can’t stand the urge to play it, so simply child logic… I played it. this game has a quite unique start, where you will choose the main character and you’ll just follow his/her story although they’ll meet eat other. btw, there are 8 characters!!!! wow, quite a challenge i may say. I choose a character named albert because he got the same gender…male (dude, who wants to name a girl ‘albert’ anyway :p) and second, I like male characters with short hair and female characters with long hairs, so…. he’s got the feature. oh btw, the characters’s costume are quite interesting. and… why does albert have butterfly wings??? :/. continue. when I start to play, the graphics are okay, characters are cutely done, but we can’t rotate the camera with our controllers like other game such as KH and FF do, but it’s not a problem. the truth is, i kinda enjoy the ‘auto-adjusting’ camera. the battle is quite unique, it’s a bit complicated but cool. btw it’s turned based. they got a lot of skills and abilities… cool one. and you know what? I reached the first boss and in the middle of the battle my main character died…… stupid butterfly winged prince D: ! he’s quite the weakest in the party and when I need to enhance his stats by winning the boss battle… he died….. dammit. oh yeah, screenshots guys, it’s free ūüėÄ

Butterfly wings???

more info: saga wiki  wikipedia


n.b : Hi! Sorry for not posting. I’m currently busy with school D: well.. I don’t really know which section should I put this post… so I guess I’ll just leave it like this. Bye everyone! {APR}



Well, I know it’s kinda late for this title, but we haven’t given you, our beloved readers, a proper introduction of us four, right?

Here it goes;)

Hello there!

We are “3CE”,

it stands for our names: Cicil aka Apricilia, Coki aka Francisco, Ceha aka Nadia, and Elmer.

As you have read, we are four people, with one unbreakable bond.

It started when we enter our senior high. Well Apricilia and I (Nadia) have known each other since junior high, but with Cisco and Elmer, we haven’t known each other that much, just basic ‘Hi’s and ‘Bye’s.

Back then we sat randomly but the teacher decided to arrange the seats.

Fate brought us four, sitting next to each other. So from there, we started to have simple chats and jokes and we turned out to be good friends. Well now, we’re best friends actually;)

Never thought that simple chair arrangement could be a bridge to our friendship.

We’re still fighting as¬† senior high students and about to start a new semester in just two days.

Yes, two days people. I suppose #weneedmoreholidays.

Since school is going to start, perhaps we won’t be able to write as much as we did.

But when we have time, we’ll be posting mostly about games but we’ll post something about our daily activities too, when we eat bacons maybe (?) Hahas.

So, there you go, our intro:-)

We are still beginners in the world of blogging, so we apologize for any mistake(s) or inappropriate word(s) so far.

Thank you for your support, thank you for your time, have a good day and God bless:-)


Progress: Final Fantasy V-Final Battle

Dude, I’m reaching the top!!! YEAH!!! Final Boss Yeah! Finally after all this years (one year actually :p). ¬†I defeated him (or it?) in an overleveled condition. not because I can’t defeat him, but I just want to reach level 99 when I defeat Enuo. oh yeah I haven’t told you, in Final Fantasy V Advance, there is an additional, huge, complex dungeon called the sealed temple which will be unlocked after you defeat the final boss. in this dungeon, you will met some superbosses such as omega mk II and neo shinryu… yeah, two *fate s*. and the end of the dungeon, it’s no other than enuo itself. no more chit chat then, I even recorded my battle :D.

Final Fantasy V (GBA) Final Boss Battle


n.b: woaaaah :O congrats! a review, will you? ūüėČ {APR}

Intermezzo : Persona 4…BEAR-SERK scene

well, for you who had played persona 4, you wouldn’t forget the scene of the characters in a VIP-bar room playing the ‘kings game’…. it’s one unforgettable scene…. or part in this game while some of your characters got drunk…… with a non alcoholic soft drink (?) and playing the ‘kings game’. in here you inevitably join to play, and in one chance, you got the turn as the king. in here you’ll choose what punishment will be given, whether you ask your friend to sit on your lap, hug you, sleep on your lap, or even do piggyback. interesting isn’t it??? ¬†quite interesting to try it with your friend :D. in the anime, it’s a lot more BEAR-SERK. where the main character itself… is also drunk and…… just watch it ūüôā

game scene:


anime version:



Intermezzo : Persona 4 The Animation

Hi Guys. well, this is not a game, but this is an animation based on a game, soooo…. it still fits with this blog’s criteria.¬† just like the title said: Persona 4 The Animation.


this cartoon is not a spinoff,nor a sequel, but an animation of the real persona 4 game. which means,¬† that this game tells us the outline of the main story of this game. although some little changes are added in this anime, but still this anime rocks. seriously, I love this anime. it’s cool yet dramatic but not too dramatic like a drama queen anime like most of the unpopular anime existed. for me, this one is mild and cool B). and I recommend¬† you to watch this anime although this anime still got some adult parts like a naked-gay version of kanji’s shadow, or shadow Rise with a bikini pole dancing (oh yeah, she almost take off her bikini but, it got stopped :D) but there’s some unique and hilarious episode and effects. and yeah, like most anime it also got unimportant boring episode but only one two or three. still, the conclusion is…..this anime ROCKS.

ps: if you want to watch with an underage kid, make sure to watch it first to make sure if this episode is safe or not :p (well, Cicil watched the naked-shadow-kanji episode with her brothers, so…. :P)

one of the most hilarious episode (unfortunately…it’s the Kanji episode):

Review : WarioWare – Smooth Moves

Hi guys! I spent the last few days playing this game with my family! What game? Well… it’s WarioWare – Smooth Moves.¬†I’ve finished this game, so now I’m going to review it.

Developer(s) Nintendo SPD Group No. 1
Intelligent Systems
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Director(s) Goro Abe
Producer(s) Yoshio Sakamoto
Ryoichi Kitanishi
Artist(s) Ko Takeuchi
Composer(s) Naoko Mitome
Masanobu Matsunaga
Yasuhisa Baba
Series WarioWare
Platform(s) Wii
Release date(s)
  • JP¬†December 2, 2006
  • EU¬†January 12, 2007
  • NA¬†January 15, 2007
  • AUS¬†January 25, 2007
Genre(s) Party
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer

(That is taken from Wikipedia of course ;D)

This game is simple, it’s like a compilation of minigames. The gameplay is fast, like 5 seconds per minigames. I don’t really think there’s a storyline in this game because it was too random. Cats, dogs, magician, I don’t know, it was so random.

I finished it quite quick, like only for 2-3 hours or such I don’t really remember. The single-player mode isn’t really good, it’s repetitive but fast. The amazing thing is it’s multiplayer. There are several multiplayer games and a lot of people can play. For example, the rope cutting thingy can be played by 2-12 people. Amazing right? Just imagine playing it with your friends or family; too much fun!

Storyline : Umm….

As I’ve stated above, I don’t really think there’s a story in this game. I think the game maker aren’t focusing in it’s storyline but rather focused on it’s multiplayer and gameplay. But the jokes inside it are funny, LOL.


The game is so fast and simple that when I played it my brother can sometimes said “That’s it?” You can see it by yourself this is from a stage with the character called Penny. Oh! There’re are several levels in this game, each levels with different characters.

Presentation : Well…. so-so¬†

Cartoony looking and yeah, but they’re cute! Especially the cat and the dogs. :3 The songs are quite catchy too, suitable for such a quick game.

Verdict : 

It’s a good party game, especially the multiplayer mode to play with friends and family.

Screenshots : (NOTMINE)

Nitendogs themed minigame.

See what I meant by random…….?

The player is first told to hold the Wii Remot...

This is what I meant by funny dialogue. LOL.


Intermezzo : Soooo Long Delay

Hi, I’m back guys, sorry there haven’t been any post for the whole two weeks. you know why? MY INTERNET!!!! INTERNEEEEEET! there’s a technical problem with the Internet provider’s company which cause some……..many sites can’t be opened. one of it is but thank goodness the connection is beginning to be restored which is good, finally I can open some important sites like blogger…. but still, some important others can’t like wordpress… so sorry APR if I can’t repost the wordpress, but I can assure you readers that when the connection returned to normal, there’s gonna be some reviews and updates, so don’t miss them out ;D