Progress : Elizabeth – Bioshock Infinite

Hey guys! Guess what? I’m finally able to play Bioshock Infinite on my laptop! YEAAAY MEEEEEEEE 😀

And do you guys know…. I’m a bit overwhelmed with the controls. There are so many of it. ASDW for walking, E for switching between weapons, R for reloading, V for melee, Q for changing vigors, and such. There’re so many things to handle while I’m panicking because of the enemies. I am so not good at FPS. LOL. I ended up using melee combat most of the time.

And another thing is, I asked my brother to help me. So he handled the mouse controls, and I handled the keyboard. It worked guys! The thing is… my brother doesn’t always help me. ;_;

So yesterday I’ve played till I found Elizabeth.

In this game, we played as Booker Dewitt. The intro is quite scary… and I don’t know why this game like to use religion reference and such.

In the intro, we’re brought into a lighthouse. And we entered a machine that brought us to Columbia.


Our quest is to go to the Monument Island where “the girl” is kept. While going there, we’ll see some festivals and things. The cool thing is the skyline, which allows us to travel using some sort of gondola but with only…I don’t know what that thing is called. Just check this link to know more. Ah I see. Sky hooks, that’s the name. I love sky hook. FOR MELEE COMBATS. YEAAAY MELEE COMBATS!

That is a sky hook.

Sky hooks kill people brutally, bloods everywhere!

When we arrived at the Monument Island, we see Elizabeth and our quest is to bring her out of that place.

I’ll end it here, I’ve just started the game and I don’t really have anything to say. Bye guys!



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