Review : Scribblenauts Unlimited !

Hi guys! Today I’m going to review a PC (Windows), WiiU, 3DS game called Scribblenauts Unlimited. The genres are Puzzle and Action. We played as Maxwell, and he has a powerful notebook that can make everything he write comes into life. And we can write anything. COOL RIGHTTT!

I actually haven’t finished the game yet, because I only played it for fun! It is really fun.

Review : 

Storyline : No judgement.

Because I haven’t finished the game I can’t comment much on the storyline. But so far, it is a simple one and a little bit cliche. But, yeah thumbs up for the unique gameplay. Not going to spoil any story. I’ve forgotten anyway 😛

Gameplay : GREAAAAAAT.

As I’ve told you, we can create anything. From normal things such as pizza until crazy things such as Yeti and Satyr. And we can make it rideable. LOLL. Give me a highfive for Rideable yeti!


Rideable Yeti ROCKS!

Presentation : Good.

Just look at the pictures, cute right? And there are lots of possibilities of objects you can make here! So yeah, it’s good enough. The song is just a repeated one, not anything special.

 Verdict : It is a good game to spent time with when you’re bored and things, just go ahead and try it yourself!

Screenshots :

my own screenshots guys :”


undead mammoth YEAH






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