Progress: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Ring of Fates

Hiya guys, I’m nearing the final boss in this game! yow!!! just finishing the crystal temple or you may said the last dungeon, defeating Galdes (main antagonist), defeating several unimportant bosses which have been fought in the storyline but only with single character, then pow! final boss, the last form of Galdes. you might guess…..I must have been spoiling myself about this game…. which isn’t true this time, I finished this game once and it’s the second time I played this game. soooo… where’s the applause guys???? it’s once in a blue moon I didn’t spoil myself šŸ˜€ lol. btw, you must’ve been confuse about all of this… I’ll just explain in my next post about the review of this game. believe me it’s a great game :D. It’s night already here, and I’m so damn tired soooo… simply bye :D.

btw check out the crystal temple’s music…. unique… love u Kumi Tanioka




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