Intermezzo : Viva La PES!

Hi! You guys might be asking, “where is the next part of the Xenoblade Chronicles progress?” Well, blame my brother, the Wii and PES then. I spent two days of playing Pro Evolution Soccer or PES, laughing at some players with my brothers. We switch all player’s position, making the keeper as a striker etc.

We played some well known match such as the North London Derby, El Clasico, or just some random matches.

Which PES you asked?

This one.

It is quite old already, for there’s already PES2013. And maybe some of you prefer FIFA rather than PES. I don’t really blame you guys, I mean, playing Manchester City with the name of Man Blue is just… I don’t know, weird. NO offence PES lovers, no offence. I love both of them. I don’t even know why people are fighting about it. Just enjoy the game, right guys?

The reason why I played PES is simply because when my brother wanted to buy the FIFA game, it has been sold out. So… yeah. Sorry for the short intermezzo guys, just telling you the reason of my… absence. No one cares anyway, right? 😛 I know, I know you care. Yep you, the one who’s reading this. Thank you for that! Here a cookie for you guys 😀 (::)



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