Progress : Atlantica Part II – Kingdom Hearts

Finally! I just finished the world Atlantica… after defeating Ursula. actually, you’ll defeated her 2 times, which is the first time she’s still in her small yet fat form. this battle is quite annoying, because she is invulnerable to be hit and she’ll spin around hurting you like a hippy, unless you attack her ‘cauldron’ with magic few times and then she’ll get stunned so you can attack her freely. this battle isn’t hard, just annoying. moreover her two evil yet weak eels will attack you giving you high level annoyed. after she’s defeated, she’ll ran away cowardly like majority of fat antagonists. you’ll just have to find her, and it’s quite hard. ind a place with sea current and use the mermaid kick ability to swim against the current.

Geez… look at those……worms?

and then some scene about she using the trident power which she stole earlier….. why did she use it in the second boss battle anyway :s. and she became bigger… and looks even fatter and….. psycho.

fat… yet psycho… like me 😀

at first I thought this’ll be hard… like everybody else said, but it turns out to be… quite easy B). though I died once… bcoz I was too concentrate in screenshooting :p.

here’s da picts, don’t miss out my KH progress guys








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