Review: The Simpsons Tapped Out

Before reading this post, you’ll be given a mini-useless questionnaire:

Please Fill This Questionnaire…. except the last question

well, if you choose the first three, then this game’ll fit with you

The Simpsons Tapped out…. a mobile game for iOS and Android. yes, this game’s great. AND FREE! YES! except for the doughnuts… you’ll find out soon


Story: Good

the story is quite unique where Homer blew up springfield because he played a mobile game while at work at the nuclear power plant and it’s his job to rebuild the whole springfield….. the way we like :D. overall this game has a good story for each mission based on the simpsons series

Gameplay: Great

one thing that I like the most from this game… NO TIME LIMIT!!! YEAH I AM the god OF TIME!!! really, this game is relaxing and flexible where each mission doesn’t have time limit. unlike other game that like: 7 hours to get cash bla bla bla… in this game the missions doesn’t bound to time…. you can even delay it for years! and if you make an id, your game’ll be saved automatic-ly internet-ly so if you play in other device just log in and your progress will be reloaded! neat huh? 😀 and this game is frequently updated during special occasions like summer, halloween, christmas, et cetera. and each events has it’s own mission which out of date due to the end of the event.

Graphic: good

overall this game has great 2D graphic with cute funny characters , musics, and effects  which improve your fun level to max relax








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