Intermezzo – In Preparation of Kingdom Hearts III

hey, based on the feeew posts ago about the KH III, we, as the living creature who is waiting for this game should be prepared for the coming of KH III… the master of Kingdom Hearts Series saga YAAAY!!!

you see, as I told you few….hundred(?) times, yeah KH Series have complicated yet awesome games.. I said EVERY GAME…. except Kingdom Hearts mobile. and I know you can’t play it all due to it’s various consoles… yeah it sucks, I feel it too :(. but if we’re waiting for KH III, we should know the previous game’s stories or we’ll get confused like an idiot.

here’s some alternatives guys to know the story:

  • buy new consoles

         let’s begin with this issue… yeah I know,  MY MONEY DAMMIT YOU”RE HURTING BY BANK  ACCOUNT!!! so… let’s just classify this alternative as…. unrecommended. but If you buy new consoles, you’ll be able to play a lot of great games with reasonable graphics and great sensation. also it doesn’t break the law of pirating too arrrr.

  • download emulators

       this is a step of desperation based on  the first alternative… this is truly breaking the law, shorten your computer’s life, and totally different, sometimes troublesome…. the gameplay I meant, and also you won’t get the great sensation of playing the game with a console.

  • read mangas

       not japanese one I meant, just the english-translated one from the Internet. they doesn’t really fit to the game, but at least it tells you the outline of the story. unfortunately, not all series are available or translated, as far as I know, the complete translated one are KH I, KH CoM, and KH 358/2 days.

  • watch walkthrough

          don’t get frightened guys, or goosebumps? I guess… . Watching KH’s Walkthrough isn’t that bad, and it’s quite quick too. believe me, I’ve seen KH and FF walkthrough and it’s much better to watch KH walkthrough rather than FF’s. FF with all regular battle wasting your time and increase your boredom level. watching walkthrough’s one profit is… you can adore this game more with it’s awesome features.

rambling post: finish! done! finally! wasting your time again :



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