Progress : Wise Little Furball – Xenoblade Chronicles

Hi guys! I have just continue with Xenoblade Chronicles and I successfully infiltrated the Galahad Fortress with no difficulties YEAAY ME!


It was not that hard, considering the Mechons are all below my level (I was 54-55 while I was there). But it was a little bit chaos while fighting the Defensive Guard Unit and Face Nemesis (Fiora). I randomly smash all talent art because I can’t even see a thing. Mechon’s everywhere. But I managed it. With my usual party of Sharla, Reyn, and Shulk.

The next stop is the Fallen Arm.

I changed my mind about Mechonis here. It is quite beautiful for a place in Mechonis. Especially the stars during the cutscene, :O

And.. here the group splits into 3. Shulk and Fiora; Reyn and Sharla; Melia, Dunban and Riki.

While playing as the party of Melia, we’ll see a very touching cutscene of Riki and Dunban + Melia. You can see it here. Just click HERE. I made the video start at 3:26 because it’s where the cutscene of the Wise Little Cute Furball started. I DON’T KNOW how I can dislike him before this cutscene. UBER CUTENESSSSSSSSSS.


I’m touched how he cared a lot of Melia and the way he speak to “Dundun” is too cute yet wise at the same time. Only Riki can do that.

And the BGM on the cutscene is too cute. If you want to hear it click here. I mean HERE.

Oh! Fiora also joined our party in the Fallen Arm and the romance between Shulk and Fiora started. I’m sad guys. I’m a supporter of Melia and Shulk and I can’t help but noticed how Shulk reached out to hold Melia while falling in Galahad Fortress. :””) They are too cute. And the look on Melia’s face when asking about Fiora is heart breaking </3 Maybe I’m biased because Melia is one of my favorite characters.

After that, the group reunited at…

Yep. The Hidden Machina Village.


And I stopped there. So, wait for another updates! 😀



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