Progress : Sword Valley, DONE – Xenoblade Chronicles

Hi guys! So I caught up with Xenoblade Chronicles yesterday. AND I finally finished exploring the Sword Valley, which I hate the most because of it’s confusing ways and bland environment. Plus, Mechon is everywhere. When I said everywhere, I meant it. Spoiler ahead guys, just wanna give some warning to you guys who hated it.

Just look at that. I don’t think I might enjoy the environment on Mechonis… But, I don’t know yet. I’ve only seen one of it. We’re at the Sword Valley to go to the Galahad Fortress where we thought Fiora would be. The thing is… we should go through some gates (we unlock it backwards, from 6th to the 3th gate).. and it’s locked. So we should unlock it by control panels, which is guarded by… well, Mechon. Lots of Mechon.

Oh, by the way I went with the standard party : Shulk, Reyn, and Sharla. I don’t know, Attacker, Tank and Healer sounds good enough for me. Even though I wanted to play as Melia so bad.

On my way of unlocking the 4th gate, which the control panel is located on the Dolgan Outpost, I have difficulties while defeating the “boss” or special monster there called the Prudent Purson. I died several times before I can finally win with a chain attack.

And another difficulty that I encounter is Fate Labolas, which in level 51.

At the end of Sword Valley, we encountered Metal Face (which is in level 52) and once again, I was saved by a chain attack.

To see the boss battle (not by me) you can click HERE

If you watched it, I used different tactics. Instead of killing the Mass Produced Face first, I directly attack Metal Face (Mumkhar) with a chain attack.

The chain attack goes like this : Shulk-Stream Edge to make it “Break”, Reyn-Wild Down to make it “Topple”, Sharla-Head Shaker to make it “Daze”, then Shulk-Monado Buster, Reyn-Sword Drive, Sharla-Head Shot (well I test whether I’m lucky enough to got the “may instantly kill a dazed enemy” feature from it, and it is actually the only thing that makes me wanted to “Daze” Mumkhar. But I’m not that lucky.) and I forgot about the last round of the chain attack. And it damaged Mumkhar badly and with a few attacks I finally defeated it.

After a few cutscenes, I finally reached Galahad Fortress which has much more Mechon. Wish me luck.

See you in the next “Progress” of Xenoblade Chronicles!



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