Progress: Swim Vaganza – Kingdom Hearts

I believe I can swim
I believe I can touch the fish
I think about it every night and day
Spread my tail and swim away
I believe I can dive
I see me swimming through that deep sea grotto
I believe I can swim
I believe I can swim
I believe I can bash heartless with my keyblade

yeah,It’s an old popular song by R Kelly with some modification based on this post’s topic. and why did I put a modified old song? here’s the answer…

okaaay, back to the main topic guys…. um… so you noticed that I played other games than the one in the ‘currently played game’ tab, you don’t?? rude :'(. so, in Kingdom Hearts, I reached Atlantica. yes, the world of the little mermaid. and this world is quite unique too, where you swim, rather than walking or jumping. yes, sora , donald , and goofy turns into sea creatures…. kinda cute, but not. yeah it’s different around here where the moving dimension is vast, and around you from up, down,left, to right. so yeah this world is quite unique especially when battle occurs, from when you’re ‘swimming’ relaxedly while listen to an old cheery music ‘under the sea’ which reminds you on your childhood, then the heartlesses appears and the music switched into a vigorous yet beautiful battle theme. the heartless could be anywhere from above or below making ‘lock’ is absolutely useful. right now I’ve met the Bad-S sea Daddy or King Triton and I think I’ll meet the sea fat Beach Ursula. well, just useless rambling again 😀



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