Music : Top 15 Kingdom Hearts Songs {FKC Version}

Yes APR, This is what we’ve been waiting for….

wow.. talk about 2 minute editing with GIMP lol 😀

Kingdom Hearts has tons of unique, touching, yet awesome songs, especially battle themes. man, it took me a night just to choose 15, it sure has many awesome songs. here’s top 15 songs that I like :).

  1. L’Oscurità dell’Ignot (KH 3D)
  2. Rage Awakened  (KH II FM)
  3. Lord of the Castle (KH Re:CoM)
  4. Vector to the Heavens ( KH 358/2 days)
  5. The Other Promise  < Battle Version > ( KH II FM)
  6. Dismiss (KH BBS)
  7. Dark Impetus (KH BBS)
  8. Scythe of Petals (KH Re:CoM)
  9. The Encounter (KH II)
  10. Unforgettable (KH BBS)
  11. Another Side <Battle Version> (KH 358/2 days)
  12. A Fight to the Death (KH II)
  13. Passion (KH II)
  14. Hikari (KH I)
  15. Sinister Shadows (KH II)

maybe mine and your opinion about this series’s top 15 song is different, but in the end, we all agree that Kingdom Hearts Series has tons of great musics. 😀

songs will be given later guys, currently in ‘edit’ion



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