Progress : New Year Party – Harvest Moon Boy and Girl

Hey guys! Remember how I said that I am currently re-play-ing Harvest Moon: Boy and Girl? Well, I am playing it now. Currently on Spring 2 Year 2. I’ve just been through the New Year Party which occurs in Spring 1, 6PM, Rose Square, there you can choose which bachelor to dance with. ANDDD…. surprisingly every bachelor asked me to dance with them. This is the list of their hearts :

  • Cliff : Orange Heart
  • Grey : Yellow Heart
  • Doctor : Blue Heart
  • Rick : Purple Heart

And the heartbreaking part is when I should choose one from them. :(:( When I turned down their offer, they seem so sad.

But the real drama starts here….

Picture 0007

“Elli wanted to dance with me. When I said her I’m dancing with you, she said,”how can you do this to me?””

Picture 0006

“I guess Doctor wanted to dance with you.”

SORRY FOR THE CAMERA QUALITY GUYS. I still can’t figure out how to screenshot. :”)

Oh my God. I’m ruining DoctorxElli guys. FORGIVE ME ELLI ;___; I didn’t meant to…

Oh and guess what, after this event, Grey’s heart turns orange! I should really save to 2 different slots now, so I can marry both of them! :p

See you guys in the next Progress of Harvest Moon : Boy and Girl !



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