Music : Top 15 Final Fantasy Songs!

Hi guys! As you guys might already know, Final Fantasy series have tons of beautiful songs in it, and here I am going to list my Top 15 songs, in my opinion. Enjoy!


(not in order)

  • The Prelude – All Final Fantasy
  • FFIV Main Theme – Final Fantasy IV
  • Terra’s Theme – Final Fantasy VI
  • Coin Song – Final Fantasy VI
  • FFVII Main Theme – Final Fantasy VII
  • Aerith’s Theme – Final Fantasy VII
  • Tifa’s Theme – Final Fantasy VII
  • Eyes On Me – Final Fantasy VIII
  • The Place I’ll Return to Someday – Final Fantasy IX
  • Melodies of Life – Final Fantasy IX
  • Vamo Alla Flamenco – Final Fantasy IX
  • Eternal Harvest – Final Fantasy IX
  • To Zanarkand – Final Fantasy X
  • Suteki Da Ne – Final Fantasy X
  • Eternity : Memories of Lightwave – Final Fantasy X-2
  • Blinded By Light – Final Fantasy XIII

Whoopppsss. I end up picking 16 songs. Ahhh, I do have lots of favorites. Oh well. LOL. BTW, my favorites are their piano versions. oh, and these two are my favorite VideoGames songs cover maker in Youtube! Check them out guys! 🙂 KyleLandry and Joshi3Joshi


n.b. : FKC said he would post it later. After he got the mood to and had his list. Oh wait, he said he would post the Kingdom Hearts version instead. Wait for it! :p


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