Review: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

Heyo Kingdom Hearts fans, this is about a game in KH Series in DS that is……


Read the symbol dude

This game, as other Kingdom Hearts Series games, connects to the whole story. and it’s one of my favorite from all perspective.

Graphic: Good

well, graphic doesn’t really shows up in this game… it’s DS after all :p except for the CG Animation, Awesome!! dude, it’s square enix, they’re good with CGs

Story: Extra Ordinarily Excellently Awesome!!

The story is so great and touching in my opinion it might be the best in the series. the story uncovers the secret behind KH II. it happens during CoM events too. It’s about Roxas, Sora’s Nobody who’s assigned to be organization XIII’s thirteenth member. a nobody is supposed not to have feelings but a close friendship with Xion and Axel, makes Roxas realize the cruel fate and sad stories behind his existence. this game’s story is a compilation of drama and action which blends perfectly.

Gameplay System: Great

You know each and every Kingdom Hearts Handheld games has unique gameplay system. this Kingdom Hearts game looks like Kingdom Hearts I’s battle system, only it has the new panel system which is quite fun.  the other difference about this game is the Item system. while most of KH Series’s item system’s is unlimited which means you can bring and use countless items like potions et cetera, in KH 358/2, you can just bring limited items based in the panel. so the panel is like a center of this game, it controls the levels, abilities, items, and weapons. and you can edit your panel only in the castle that never was… or you can say organization XIII’s headquarter. it’s quite challenging isn’t it? 😀 and o yeah, the backpack system is also limited, so you can only take limited items from each missions. The Whole Gameplay is mission thingy, where you’ll be given missions from Saix, and there’s one mode where you can play as other character like other fellow org XIII, even mickey, donald, goofy, and sora. and you can play multiplayer-ly with your friends.

well, that’s it and check out KH 358/2’s Manga which explains the whole story clearly and completely so you’ll understand and you can burst into tears reading it :’D.

for more informations check out (Official Site KH Wiki Wikipedia)



other screen shots:



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