Intermezzo: FF XII… WHY U VAAN?

Hi, for you who have played FF XII, yeah I know… great gameplay system right? I like it too. but something that pissed me off is the main character… I don’t really agree with vaan. after all, if you see the whole story… I think the more suitable main character for the game is Ashe….God, she’s quite hot, and her outfit…cool B-).

Although She doesn’t look very Feminine in the game :/

If you just pay attention to the other ff games…. you’ll see that the story mainly revolves to the main character… just like FF X, where the story goes to Tidus who’s a dream of fayth trying to help his love break the sacrifice cycle of summoning, and FF IX, which goes to Zidane who’s a creation from other planet trying to stop the other version of himself from destroying the world . and other else.. the difference with FF XII is… vaan. as much as I know, he doesn’t play a great role in the storyline… he’s just a random orphan who helped princess Ashe getting her  Kingdom back…….. right….. just right. just look at his clothes…. a metal vest without a shirt? dude, it’s supposed to be a great game, not a gay game…. at least his abs doesn’t really shows up, if it does… kinda gay isn’t it? and yeah…. talk about the poster….. it’s definitely not right. but overall…. his personality and appearance in this game isn’t so bad.


if square wants a main character that’s kinda unrelated to the main story, they should choose balthier. I’m a male and I’m no gay and I can say…. he’s quite cool with his characters, outfit, his calmness. ad I guess a those fangirls will scream when they see him :D. he’ll make a great main character, and the ‘leading man’.




but overall, by the controversy of the main character of this game, I still think that this game is still awesome :D.

wanna know about those characters??? check out

Balthier FF Wiki

vaan FF Wiki

Ashe FF Wiki




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