Intermezzo : Sony E3 Press Conference

HEY GUYS! I AM SO EXCITED. Have you watched Sony’s E3 Press conference? HAVE YOUU? You haven’t? THEN HERE.

You guys SHOULD see it!

Well… These are the big news for me. Guess what?

Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XV (formerly known as VersusXIII) ARE GOING TO BE AVAILABLE FOR PS4! Check the trailer guys ;__; I’m crying out of happiness. I’m totally buying PS4. TOTALLY. SquareEnix, these better be good. I’m buying PS4 just for the sake of your games. JUST FOR YOU. :’) *still holding off tears of happiness while watching the trailer*

Check Final Fantasy XV trailer here


Check Kingdom Hearts III trailer here

Well I can’t tell much from the trailer so I just can’t wait for these games :’) Please don’t let us down SquareEnix!



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