Intermezzo : NO Graphic Card!

Hi guys! The final weeks are over for me and lately I’ve been downloading a cracked version of Bioshock Infinite. Which takes me 3 days. And now it’s finished, and I’ve already installed it.

Let us now double click on the icon…


zoom in.


WHYYYY :”) I DON’T CARE ANYMORE. THIS IS JUST TOO RIDICULOUS. I ignored my brother who told me that this computer doesn’t have the graphic card installed on it.

Maybe this is a lesson for me to listen to my brother often. :{

What do you guys think I should do guys? I’m so saaaad…

Lesson of today : don’t EVER forget to check whether you have a graphic card installed.

I’ll try to install it on my brother’s laptop.. but I don’t know if it’s gonna work. I’ll update you guys later, bye guys!

sorry for my random rambling guys ;_;



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