Music : For River

Hi guys! Since I still have the To The Moon-vibe after watching the playthrough, I’m going to specifically tell you about it’s music. There’s a lot of beautiful OST in the game To the Moon. But this one piece is my favorite. It’s called For River.This song is amazingly calming and relaxing. We will first hear this song played by the children who lived in John’s house, named Sarah and Tommy. (read my review to know more about To The Moon here) In this version, it’s a duet and it’s so good.

Sarah and Tommy’s Version

Then the next time we hear it, it would be John’s version which is a solo and seems to have a deeper and intense feelings (I don’t know, I just feel it is). Maybe because this song is supposed to be composed by himself for his wife.

Johnny’s Version

Both version are nice in their own ways, and I’m really looking forward for you guys, who can play musical instrument to cover it! If you have, link it in the comment below, and I’ll post the link on this post later so that people can see it! 😀

here you can find the music sheet for it! credits to the guys who transcripted For River!

Well guys, see you!



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