Intermezzo: Romancing SaGa 2 Final Boss

hey, any of you SaGa fans, this video is not a review, yeh, written typed on the title, duh. this video below is the final boss battle of an old SNES game called Romancing SaGa created by Squaresoft (Now Square Enix), it’s quite famous too :D. yes, you can guess from my older post, I stumbled this on youtube yaaay you’re smart. They (not me dude, I haven’t played this game)said that in this game you can set your characters and their story….or fate. the final boss is the great seven heroes who defeated evil and saved the world (typical huh?) and they disappeared. They heroic action weren’t forgotten by the people that time…. until they’re forgotten (Ironically cute :3). one day they came back, and evil because they’re forgotten by the people, so they set demons to the world (now that’s not typical :D). and you have to kill them (duh). the final boss starts with one hero… in some kind of evil form. if you hit it, the other hero will come and ‘synthesis’ with the first hero… and that continues till the seventh hero come, adding an accessory thus completing the true final form that’s hideous and… unpretty. so the strategy is to enhance yourself or do status improving by magic or.. JUST PREPARE YOURSELF, and don’t even attack before you’re ready, It’s totally suicide. Finally, happy final battling ;). oh yeah, one more, why did I even give you a strategy If I haven’t even damn-playing this game?!?!?! :O never mind.  The thing that’s fascinates me is…. the final battle music, I love the music, it’s unique compare to the game Romancing SaGa 3.well, this is such a waste of time reading this full post, don’t like it? why the hell did you read it? :p buy hon.


(uhm, sorry for that guys, I can’t help it HAHA{APR})



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