Review : To The Moon

Hi guys! I might haven’t played this game yet, but I wanted to review it! How, you ask? Well… I simply watched Pewdiepie’s To the Moon playthrough. B) I don’t know if it’s legit for me to make a review out of it, (I only played the first 30 minutes trial, because well… to play full version you should pay and I don’t really understand how to buy it, sorry guys) but let me just begin with the review!

This game is made by freebirdgames, which means it’s an indie game. It’s an RPG-adventure (but there’s no fighting and dragons, guys) game. It’s available for PC and you can download the 30-minute-free trial here.

It’s about two doctors who work in a company which grant the wishes of dying people, their last wish that’s it. And in this game, they have to grant the wish of the client, named John,  who signed them before he got unconscious and of course, his wish is to go to the moon.

Here, we played the game as the doctors, Rosaline and Watts, and as we played we discover the truth of John’s past.

This game is highly emotional, but I didn’t cry, because well… it’s pewdiepie guys, how can I? But some scenes really give me goosebumps, not in a bad-scary way, it’s kinda like when you hear someone sings nicely, yeah that kind of goosebumps.

Review :

Storyline : EPICCCC!

All this game about is the storyline. The storyline is so amazing that I don’t know how to review without spoiling it to you guys 😛 I can’t even stop watching pewds play because every events keep on making me wonder and wanting answers. Oh! Also the humor guys aaaaaand the random events, it’s amazing!

Gameplay : So-so

Well for you guys who hoped it would be an active action game, well… sorry to say this game is not that interactive in it’s gameplay. We only move the characters around and solve some puzzles and collect mementos, but yeah, the storyline will keep you going.

Presentation : Great

“A game doesn’t need to be good in graphics to be beautiful.” -Pewds. I totally agree! Even when the graphic’s not amazing some scenes are so beautiful. And I really need to tell you this, THE MUSIC guys. You SHOULD hear it. It. is. amazing.

Verdict : Play it guys, just play it. I might play it on my own later, because this game is so good. ❤ But I don’t know about you guys who prefer a more active gameplay… For you guys who love games with a good storyline, you should try it. 😀


That’s it guys! Well I hope you enjoy that, see you guys later!



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