Wish List : Beyond – Two Souls

Hi guys! I’m stuck with some author block for a few days actually, (The post I posted a few days ago is actually a draft for quite a while already) when FKC is being so productive (2 posts in a day! woah) But today I’m going to post about the game called Beyond:Two Souls.

If you played the game Heavy Rain, you might have known this game because they are both created by the same creator, Quantic Dreams. While I’m still hoping for a PS3… I am looking for some games that I would play when I owned it, and I found Heavy Rain.

Heavy Rain is a Playstation3 exclusive which is about finding a mystery killer, named the “Origami Killer”. It is an interactive drama-action game which means our decisions affect the storyline. Here, there’re 4 playable characters that you can switch on. The interesting thing is that when your character dies, it’s not a game over. It simply become a part of the storyline. Cool right?

Then back to Beyond:Two Souls. I know, this game isn’t out yet, It will be available worldwide on 08.10.13. It’s about a girl who has a supernatural entitity (named Aiden) linked with her, hence making her has some supernatural powers, yet she wants to discover the truth behind all of it.

Here’s the trailer :


and here’s the gameplay :


Look at the graphics :O I don’t even……know what to say. (Forgive me, I’m kinda new with this kind of graphics) I know, I know. The game Crysis4 has a better graphics, (SO AMAZING, the demo tech. is TOO COOL) but I think this is already good enough :O

I can’t wait for this game to be released! (and till I can afford a PS3 with my own money :’))




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