Intermezzo : Kingdom Hearts III Fan’s Imagination and Expectation

Hi Guys, as I am a  Kingdom Hearts fan, I’ve been waiting for ages for the release of Kingdom Hearts III. we fans has been waiting too long for KH III. I don’t mind that long actually… AS LONG AS the KH III will be made with absolute coolness and….. JUST DON’T LET US DOWN.

as I am fan with the Kingdom Hearts Series, here’s my imagination and expectations that hopefully might be an Inspiration for the wonderful development team of KH III.

  • make this game a lot longer with longer stories, the great one, not just a bullshit although you did a great with the series already but since KH III will be the end of Kingdom Hearts Series, so…
  • With the lengthen of this games, make more worlds, you did a great job with ‘The Grid’ of KH 3D, I’m sure you’ll be able to make much more awesome worlds
  • Make the older characters reborn like in the BBS game, they’re fantastic! Too bad if they don’t show up on the final game. And also in the previous stories 7 keyblade bearers are needed right??
  • Abilities: WELL DONE! you already made great abilities in KH II, keep up the developing
  • Level: The one of the difference between KH and KH II is…. KH II is much more easier, less challenging, I bet the other KH fans agree with me. I know the presence of Sora’s Abilities made the game a lot easier, but…. just increase the level, OK 😉
  • Maybe a unique modification doesn’t hurt so much, I am thinking of 3 Parties where:
    • Sora, Riku, and Kairi…. If you follow up the story of Kingdom Hearts Series especially KH 3D, you’ll know that kairi is one of the keyblade wielder!
    • Ven, Aqua, Terra…. read the older…. line. about the BBS character
    • Mickey, Donald, Goofy….. Disney United!!! yaaay!!! This won’t do much problem
  • About the parties, yes, they should consist of: 1 char w/ high strength, 1 char w/ high magic, and 1 more with speed and balance stat. of course you can guess which of them is which ;D
  • still about the parties… man, this never ends…. each party has a unique gameplay like sora’s w/ the original KH gameplay system, and the BBS party which have the shotlock, deck command style.
  • I’m Just thinking about Roxas, Namine, and since they has already joined with Sora and Kairi, I came out with an Idea, the ‘Trance/ Limit Break  System’ in Sora’s party where Sora can switch with roxas, kairi with namine, and Riku with er….. Ansem’s Heartless? and of course each ‘Limit Break’ form is gonna have impressive attacks and abilities 😀
  • but above all characters, the final boss still gonna be handled by Sora’s Party.
well,that’s just my Imagination guys :D… damn my Imagination just runs wildly… and absolutely Ridiculous…. but at least you’re all agree with the expectations aren’t you? 😀



3 thoughts on “Intermezzo : Kingdom Hearts III Fan’s Imagination and Expectation

  1. KINGDOM HEARTS! ❤ I didn't even know there was a KH3 coming out! I probably shooooould play the second one, I played the first one so much as a kid, never managed to quite finish it (I was so close too!) and going back and playing the first now is taking me forever because I suck at it, which makes me wonder how I did it as a child! (Maybe it was because my brother fought the hard bosses for me haha XD)

  2. Well, there isn’t any official news yet…. It’s just like deserted, SE is currently working on FF versus XIII which never done for many years too…. Damn just how long will they make us wait, it’s not even currently on development yet! Btw, just finish KH, it’s a great game. And you shouldn’t play KH II, but you must play it!!! It’s a lot cooler. Too bad the KH II one is a lot easier 😦 Maybe you should play the Kingdom Hearts II hahahahaha :D. Kingdom Hearts Series has a great long story and they connect to each other wether the main title or the spinoff handheld games, so I advise in welcoming KH III which is still unclear, you need to know all the stories 😀 they’re awesome! XD ❤

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