Music : Yoko Shimomura

Yoko Shimomura… ever heard about this lady? If you play Kingdom Hearts Series, I bet you’ll admit that these games got tons of brilliant battle themes. and if you’re a big fan of this game, you’ll know her, if you don’t, just go to these damn web pages (1 2 3) and read them till you remember EVERY WORD AND SENTENCES IN IT!!! in my opinion, Yoko Shimomura is one of the most genius game music composer I’ve ever known. damn I love her artworks, it’s so brilliant! it’s not like an usual game-music which is just mainly just the compilation of ‘sound effects’ while her artwork is what I call a MUSIC. really, you’ll know it when you hear some of her brilliant songs. btw, she’s the one who composed the music for Xenoblade. you know the last post about satorl marsh, it has great charming music isn’t it? it’s one of her artwork y’know. all her masterpiece fits to the game and the emotion, damn she’s good. Her music makes the game alive and fun, you can even listen to the music and enjoy it, not like others. that’s why I love her as a composer.she even is currently composing musics for final fantasy versus XIII!!!

these are some of her music to proof to you all 😀




n.b : Actually Satorl Marsh theme is created by Manami Kiyota, but some of Xenoblade Chronicles IS made by Yoko and they are so good!; such as : Hometown. I agree that she’s such an amazing composer. I should stop making notes on other’s post :|Confession bear time : I actually thought Yoko was a boy before FKC told me, LOL! Okay then, bye everyone, not going to take FKC’s spotlight! {APR} 


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