Wish List: SaGa 3 DS

HI guys, still about RPG, because I am simply a RPG fan B). If you had a Gameboy…. you know, the oldest one which still has black and white color, you’ll know Final Fantasy Legend 3. man I love the final battle theme. Final Fantasy Legend I,II,and III was remade to PS2,DS, and finally, DS. and what I’m talking about right now is the Final Fantasy Legend III which is changed into SaGa 3.yes, I think It’s quite a good game, from the music, and battle system although I haven’t played it a bit…. do you know why??? JAPAN!!!! It’s in Japanese oh my god, I can’t read kanji , how would I enjoy the game if I can’t even understand the storyline and just pressing buttons without knowing what even is that for???? I just know the gameplay system and music by just seeing the Final Boss Battle video on youtube…….. LOOK HOW I EVEN SPOILING MYSELF… but it’s my hobby :D. so, love letter ❤ to square enix, the greatest RPG game company, I with some people in the world, is waiting for the US version of SaGa 2 and 3…. yes SaGa 2 is in japanese too D: . please notify this post from your beloved fans in other side of the world. thx

btw this is the Final fantasy Legend III (GB) final battle :


and this is the remake DS one *warning!! SPOILER!!!! I have remind you so it’s your choice to watch it or not*

part 1


part 2



n.b. : it’s APR here, as the editor. and i’m quite sad that i couldn’t find the way of uploading videos like we usually do on blogspot without paying any money. is there any way to do that? thanks a lot!


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