Intermezzo : 8th Generation Consoles

HEY GUYS! As you know, we’re entering the new era of gaming, meaning there’ll be a lot of new consoles. Last year, Nintendo has started the battle by releasing WiiU.

WiiU has a touch screen controller, which can be used for portable gaming too! Sounds convinient, huh?

But well actually I’m not really interested in discussing WiiU because as we all know, Sony and Microsoft have the endless rivalry in gaming history. Look at how people debated at PS3 and XBOX360. It was such a popular topic in every gaming forum.

This year, Sony has just announced their new Playstation 4, while Microsoft announced the XBOX One.

At the conference, Sony didn’t reveal their new console, only their new controller, the Dualshock4. While in the other hand, XBOX One revealed them, and give a demo about the multitasking and things.

Both of them also reveal their available games, such as PS4 with it’s Killzone and Destiny, while XBOX One with it’s Quantum Break and Call of Duty:Ghost, which I believe also available on PS4.

you can see the list of more titles for PS4 here and for XBOX One here. (but actually they are still speculations)

(you may have already seen this on 9gag!)

I personally vote for PS4, just because I’m a Sony user since I was small and it’s kind of stick with me already. (Sony fangirls unite! lol kidding!)

How about you guys? PS4,  XBOX One or WiiU? 😀



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