Wish List : Artnia

Wow, it’s June already and we haven’t finish all the features in this blog, sorry for that!

By the way, I have another wish on my list. It’s is going to Japan. As you guys know (or don’t know), Japan is popular for a lot of things, one of them is their themed cafes which is like, almost everywhere in Japan.

Artnia is one of them, and guess what? Artnia is a Final Fantasy themed cafe! How cool is that! And, the cafe is official from Square Enix themselves. That means there’ll be a lot of official merchandise.

A themed cafe is not one without it’s cute foods, and here’s some examples of the food available on Artnia.

(pictures are not mine, credits to their respective owners!)

A Cloud Parfait!

and Cloud wouldn’t be complete without… Aerith (the strawberry-ribbony parfait) ! next to it is a Blue Materia  drink.

Look at their uber cuteness. If I went there, I wouldn’t be able to eat them before taking a lot of photos, i guess. Do you notice the Buster Sword chocolate miniature on the top of Cloud parfait? IT’S TOO CUTE! *fangirling* and if you took a closer look on the first picture, you’ll see that red tissue have a “Seventh Heaven” logo on it!

But as you can see, a lot of them are especially FFVII related, which is Square Enix most popular FF game. But doesn’t matter, it’s still is Final Fantasy!

There’re still some other FF themed foods and drinks, such as Chocobo/Cactuar Pancakes, Lattes, Summon-based-drinks, and… yeah you’ve got the idea, right?

If you want to know more things about Artnia, such as how to get there or the list of foods/drinks available, just visit its official website HERE !

Sadly, some people said that the foods are quite pricey. Like 900Yen for a Parfait or something.

While FKC is being productive by reviewing lots and lots of game, me here just sitting in front of my laptop dreaming about a vacation to Japan. sigh.

Okay then, goodbye guys! see you 😀



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