Review : The Simpsons Game

Hi Nintendo DS mania!! well, if you watch Fox all the time, you should know a cartoon named ‘The Simpsons’. if you don’t, welcome to the age of stone. The Simpsons has made count-not-less games from the  simple GBA game, till the GTA-style hit and run. the newest game is simply named ‘The Simpsons Game’ which available in too many consoles such as Xbox 360, PS2,PS3, PSP, and the last one is on the DS.

yep, they sure release it in many platforms. one of it, as you see is on the best nintendo console ever, NDS. the difference is, in the DS version, the game is almost-totally in 2D. but it’s still doesn’t reduce the fun. I, myself, has completed this game although not 100% with all the challenges and collections, but i can just review this game after all.

Story Line: Great

It has great story line with the simpsons style and all the parodies (damn I love parodies) based on the episodes of The Simpsons. The story line is also the same with all other consoles.

Gameplay: Great

It has a lot of gameplay with impressive countless abilities for each characters based on the simpsons episodes, so it’s impossible for you to get bored of this game. The level itself isn’t hard, and the game period is shorter than in the other consoles.

Graphics: Good

I think the graphic itself is good, it’s not a problem.

here’s some sample picture of this game:


you can view the trailer here



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