Progress : Elizabeth – Bioshock Infinite

Hey guys! Guess what? I’m finally able to play Bioshock Infinite on my laptop! YEAAAY MEEEEEEEE 😀

And do you guys know…. I’m a bit overwhelmed with the controls. There are so many of it. ASDW for walking, E for switching between weapons, R for reloading, V for melee, Q for changing vigors, and such. There’re so many things to handle while I’m panicking because of the enemies. I am so not good at FPS. LOL. I ended up using melee combat most of the time.

And another thing is, I asked my brother to help me. So he handled the mouse controls, and I handled the keyboard. It worked guys! The thing is… my brother doesn’t always help me. ;_;

So yesterday I’ve played till I found Elizabeth.

In this game, we played as Booker Dewitt. The intro is quite scary… and I don’t know why this game like to use religion reference and such.

In the intro, we’re brought into a lighthouse. And we entered a machine that brought us to Columbia.


Our quest is to go to the Monument Island where “the girl” is kept. While going there, we’ll see some festivals and things. The cool thing is the skyline, which allows us to travel using some sort of gondola but with only…I don’t know what that thing is called. Just check this link to know more. Ah I see. Sky hooks, that’s the name. I love sky hook. FOR MELEE COMBATS. YEAAAY MELEE COMBATS!

That is a sky hook.

Sky hooks kill people brutally, bloods everywhere!

When we arrived at the Monument Island, we see Elizabeth and our quest is to bring her out of that place.

I’ll end it here, I’ve just started the game and I don’t really have anything to say. Bye guys!



Review : Scribblenauts Unlimited !

Hi guys! Today I’m going to review a PC (Windows), WiiU, 3DS game called Scribblenauts Unlimited. The genres are Puzzle and Action. We played as Maxwell, and he has a powerful notebook that can make everything he write comes into life. And we can write anything. COOL RIGHTTT!

I actually haven’t finished the game yet, because I only played it for fun! It is really fun.

Review : 

Storyline : No judgement.

Because I haven’t finished the game I can’t comment much on the storyline. But so far, it is a simple one and a little bit cliche. But, yeah thumbs up for the unique gameplay. Not going to spoil any story. I’ve forgotten anyway 😛

Gameplay : GREAAAAAAT.

As I’ve told you, we can create anything. From normal things such as pizza until crazy things such as Yeti and Satyr. And we can make it rideable. LOLL. Give me a highfive for Rideable yeti!


Rideable Yeti ROCKS!

Presentation : Good.

Just look at the pictures, cute right? And there are lots of possibilities of objects you can make here! So yeah, it’s good enough. The song is just a repeated one, not anything special.

 Verdict : It is a good game to spent time with when you’re bored and things, just go ahead and try it yourself!

Screenshots :

my own screenshots guys :”


undead mammoth YEAH





Intermezzo : Viva La PES!

Hi! You guys might be asking, “where is the next part of the Xenoblade Chronicles progress?” Well, blame my brother, the Wii and PES then. I spent two days of playing Pro Evolution Soccer or PES, laughing at some players with my brothers. We switch all player’s position, making the keeper as a striker etc.

We played some well known match such as the North London Derby, El Clasico, or just some random matches.

Which PES you asked?

This one.

It is quite old already, for there’s already PES2013. And maybe some of you prefer FIFA rather than PES. I don’t really blame you guys, I mean, playing Manchester City with the name of Man Blue is just… I don’t know, weird. NO offence PES lovers, no offence. I love both of them. I don’t even know why people are fighting about it. Just enjoy the game, right guys?

The reason why I played PES is simply because when my brother wanted to buy the FIFA game, it has been sold out. So… yeah. Sorry for the short intermezzo guys, just telling you the reason of my… absence. No one cares anyway, right? 😛 I know, I know you care. Yep you, the one who’s reading this. Thank you for that! Here a cookie for you guys 😀 (::)


Progress: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Ring of Fates

Hiya guys, I’m nearing the final boss in this game! yow!!! just finishing the crystal temple or you may said the last dungeon, defeating Galdes (main antagonist), defeating several unimportant bosses which have been fought in the storyline but only with single character, then pow! final boss, the last form of Galdes. you might guess…..I must have been spoiling myself about this game…. which isn’t true this time, I finished this game once and it’s the second time I played this game. soooo… where’s the applause guys???? it’s once in a blue moon I didn’t spoil myself 😀 lol. btw, you must’ve been confuse about all of this… I’ll just explain in my next post about the review of this game. believe me it’s a great game :D. It’s night already here, and I’m so damn tired soooo… simply bye :D.

btw check out the crystal temple’s music…. unique… love u Kumi Tanioka



Progress : Atlantica Part II – Kingdom Hearts

Finally! I just finished the world Atlantica… after defeating Ursula. actually, you’ll defeated her 2 times, which is the first time she’s still in her small yet fat form. this battle is quite annoying, because she is invulnerable to be hit and she’ll spin around hurting you like a hippy, unless you attack her ‘cauldron’ with magic few times and then she’ll get stunned so you can attack her freely. this battle isn’t hard, just annoying. moreover her two evil yet weak eels will attack you giving you high level annoyed. after she’s defeated, she’ll ran away cowardly like majority of fat antagonists. you’ll just have to find her, and it’s quite hard. ind a place with sea current and use the mermaid kick ability to swim against the current.

Geez… look at those……worms?

and then some scene about she using the trident power which she stole earlier….. why did she use it in the second boss battle anyway :s. and she became bigger… and looks even fatter and….. psycho.

fat… yet psycho… like me 😀

at first I thought this’ll be hard… like everybody else said, but it turns out to be… quite easy B). though I died once… bcoz I was too concentrate in screenshooting :p.

here’s da picts, don’t miss out my KH progress guys







Review: The Simpsons Tapped Out

Before reading this post, you’ll be given a mini-useless questionnaire:

Please Fill This Questionnaire…. except the last question

well, if you choose the first three, then this game’ll fit with you

The Simpsons Tapped out…. a mobile game for iOS and Android. yes, this game’s great. AND FREE! YES! except for the doughnuts… you’ll find out soon


Story: Good

the story is quite unique where Homer blew up springfield because he played a mobile game while at work at the nuclear power plant and it’s his job to rebuild the whole springfield….. the way we like :D. overall this game has a good story for each mission based on the simpsons series

Gameplay: Great

one thing that I like the most from this game… NO TIME LIMIT!!! YEAH I AM the god OF TIME!!! really, this game is relaxing and flexible where each mission doesn’t have time limit. unlike other game that like: 7 hours to get cash bla bla bla… in this game the missions doesn’t bound to time…. you can even delay it for years! and if you make an id, your game’ll be saved automatic-ly internet-ly so if you play in other device just log in and your progress will be reloaded! neat huh? 😀 and this game is frequently updated during special occasions like summer, halloween, christmas, et cetera. and each events has it’s own mission which out of date due to the end of the event.

Graphic: good

overall this game has great 2D graphic with cute funny characters , musics, and effects  which improve your fun level to max relax







Intermezzo – In Preparation of Kingdom Hearts III

hey, based on the feeew posts ago about the KH III, we, as the living creature who is waiting for this game should be prepared for the coming of KH III… the master of Kingdom Hearts Series saga YAAAY!!!

you see, as I told you few….hundred(?) times, yeah KH Series have complicated yet awesome games.. I said EVERY GAME…. except Kingdom Hearts mobile. and I know you can’t play it all due to it’s various consoles… yeah it sucks, I feel it too :(. but if we’re waiting for KH III, we should know the previous game’s stories or we’ll get confused like an idiot.

here’s some alternatives guys to know the story:

  • buy new consoles

         let’s begin with this issue… yeah I know,  MY MONEY DAMMIT YOU”RE HURTING BY BANK  ACCOUNT!!! so… let’s just classify this alternative as…. unrecommended. but If you buy new consoles, you’ll be able to play a lot of great games with reasonable graphics and great sensation. also it doesn’t break the law of pirating too arrrr.

  • download emulators

       this is a step of desperation based on  the first alternative… this is truly breaking the law, shorten your computer’s life, and totally different, sometimes troublesome…. the gameplay I meant, and also you won’t get the great sensation of playing the game with a console.

  • read mangas

       not japanese one I meant, just the english-translated one from the Internet. they doesn’t really fit to the game, but at least it tells you the outline of the story. unfortunately, not all series are available or translated, as far as I know, the complete translated one are KH I, KH CoM, and KH 358/2 days.

  • watch walkthrough

          don’t get frightened guys, or goosebumps? I guess… . Watching KH’s Walkthrough isn’t that bad, and it’s quite quick too. believe me, I’ve seen KH and FF walkthrough and it’s much better to watch KH walkthrough rather than FF’s. FF with all regular battle wasting your time and increase your boredom level. watching walkthrough’s one profit is… you can adore this game more with it’s awesome features.

rambling post: finish! done! finally! wasting your time again :