Wish List : Persona 4 Golden

Hey again guys! In the middle of this hectic final exam weeks, i decided to update you guys with something. As the title has stated, it’s Persona 4 Golden. Persona 4 Golden is a remake of a PS2 game called the ‘Persona 4’. If you guys have looked at the “currently played games” tab, you’ll see that i am currently playing Persona 3 Portable, which is the predecessor of Persona 4. (well duh, it’s obvious just by looking at it’s name) and i love it very much, except for the fact that the boy version of my copy of the game has an error on it so that i can’t continue playing it. šŸ˜¦ I’ll tell you about this more in details when i review about Persona 3 Portable. Wait for it! šŸ˜‰

But back to the main topic, Persona 4 Golden….is sadly exclusive only for PSVita. which i didn’t have.

if only i owned you, PSVita ;_;

And because i haven’t play the game, i can’t say much about it. except for the things i watch from youtube, walkthroughs and reviews, which all give a good response of the game and it makes me wanting it more. :”)

But, i don’t think it would be wise for me to buy a PSVita just for this game, even if it worth the money, because i heard a lot of bad reviews of PSVita, including the fact that PSVita doesn’t really has outstanding games. So i would rather choose PS3….over PSVita. There are a lot of games that i really wanted to play on PS3 such as Journey, Ni No Kuni…and things. So yeah, the chances of me playing this game is nearly zero.

But….the good thing is, i have a PS2 (not sure if it’s still working, but let’s just hope it is) so i could just play the old version of this game, being Persona4, and…. i can be happy. yay me. :D:D

Well see you later!

note: we’ll be reviewing games starting from June or something near that, šŸ˜€



2 thoughts on “Wish List : Persona 4 Golden

  1. I bought a Vita because I’m an idiot. It also has the Disgaea 3 on port, and I don’t have a PS3, so those were two good enough reasons for me to drop $300.

    The Vita’s library might pick up later anyway. They were saying the same about the PSP 5-6 years ago, actually.

    • Maybe. Yep, I totally agree, I have PSP and it’s one of my favorite console, despite for the comments on it’s early years. And Vita might get a lot more popular when the PS4 comes out. You know, with the “Vita can play all PS4 games” thing… If it’s true, then maybe Vita would be much more buy-able. IF that thing is true, I might then consider buying Vita.

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