Progress : Final Fantasy V

Finally!! the tyranny of the leveling up is ended, I’ve reached my target to level up my characters to level 75 for all of them and mastered all jobs!!!! YAAAAY!!!! Finally I can defeat the badass Exdeath and finish the game… but, I still got my last personal target: Defeat Shinryu. yeah well maybe if you see in FAQs and Walkthroughs, simply they say it’s a lot better to defeat the final boss first ,but screw them! it’s my personal goal dude D: . I tried to defeat him once, but well, as other people say, HE’S A PAIN IN THE SSS OH MY GOD DAMMIT. I just died before even lay a hand on him!! well, though I didn’t use a strategy back then and o yeah, I forgot to ‘steal’ the weapon that’s effective on him… damn, guess I have to do the final boss first :/…. well, that’s it for a while guys, hope you all stay tuned on our “beloved blog” ;D till I managed to finish this game 100%.

by the way, here’s my character’s stats right now :



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