Music : Rise of the White Raven

Hey Final Fantasy fans, have you ever play Final Fantasy XIV??? not the ‘a realm reborn’ one, but the original Final Fantasy XIV. well, if you check on the youtube the final battle video vs Nael Van Darnus (man, love that name) you’ll find that the second phase of the battle has a very marvelous battle theme. It’s called ‘Rise of the White Raven’. honestly, it’s a little bit chaotic 1% but the concept is incredible. about the opera, emotion, etc. Really, Masayoshi Soken (composer) is a genius. I hope that the next Final Fantasy Games will have an incredible music, especially final boss theme like Final Fantasy XIV. well, I can’t describe it in a full paragraph anyway, so if you want to hear it by yourselves , you can check out from the youtube link below.



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