Where on Video Games : Satorl Marsh

hi 😀 while FKC has just told you guys about a move in FF called the ‘Big Bang’, right now i wanted to tell you about this place on Xenoblade Chronicles which i love the most….so far. there are so many beautiful places on Xenoblade despite of it’s lack of amazing graphics (well, if you compare it with PS3’s or XBOX360’s..) So here is it, the Satorl Marsh.


when you come into this place on day time… i know what you’re thinking. this place is not that good, in fact, it’s creepy. i totally agree. that is also my thought when i first come here. i dislike marshes and caves, so at first i wasn’t really fond of the place. but the real beauty comes when it starts changing from day to night.


I KNOW RIGHT! although that one is just a CG picture, the game version is as magical as that one.



the game version has less vibrant colors, but trust me, i still fell in love with it everytime it turns into this. and what’s better is the music as it’s changing from day to night.

check the song here

so yeah, one of my favorite place on video games. i’ll update some more when i continue playing on June. see you guys 🙂



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